jamesIf you have spent even a small amount of time surfing various websites for anti-snoring mouthpieces then you already know that the Internet is quite congested with products and information. You have also likely found that you are bombarded with sales pitches from countless companies all claiming to have the market’s best product.

Many even “guarantee your satisfaction.” Trying to sift through this extension amount of information and compare products and companies can take hours, and there is a good chance you will have more questions than before you even started.

Hello, my name is James Kerton, and I am a former snorer who went through the struggles you are now facing. I always knew I snored, but I didn’t really realize how bad it was until I got married. My poor wife would have to toss and turn, trying to ignore me while I was already in dreamland. Of course, being constantly awaked throughout the night did not help her mood in the morning either.

As I started to do a little research about snoring I discovered that mouthpieces were being recommended as an effective solution. This certainly sounded a whole lot better than the surgery options I was looking at! However, I felt exactly how you are probably feeling right now: confused and overwhelmed.

At the same time, I also learned about snore pillows, chin straps, nasal strips and cones, throat sprays, herbal supplements and snore rings; yes rings! So, then I felt even more confused, and wondered if I should be looking at one of those alternative solutions, too.

I spent weeks doing nothing but research. I took notes and eventually even created a comparison chart. At this point I also decided I could not let all my hard work go to waste. Why should other people have to go through this lengthy process? My goal now was not only to find an effective snoring solution, but to make it easier for other snorers just like me to choose a product right for them.

I designed this website for the sole purpose of debunking the sales hype. I became dedicated to trying different products and providing an unbiased review of them to help you make your own decision. When you read my reviews you will notice that I have taken a multidimensional approach and have provided pros and cons in hopes that all of your questions will finally be answered.

Disclaimer: I am a snorer, not a medical professional. I do not provide medical advice.