Lesser Known Causes Of Snoring

lesser-known-factsWhile many people know that snoring can be caused by alcohol, weight, age, and muscle tone, some causes are a bit more obscure. Although the lesser known causes are not as prevalent, that does not necessarily mean that they are not a factor. Everyone is different physically and it is important to remember that individual bodies react differently as well.


When a snorer learns that dairy products may be contributing to their problem the first thing they want to know is how. The answer is actually rather simple. Consumption of milk and dairy products increases mucus production within the body. During sleep this extra mucus flows freely and may obstruct the airway as it is passing through.

Another way dairy contributes to snoring is the thickening effect it can have on mucus. Having more mucus is one thing, but having more of it with an abnormally thick consistency is quite another.

Either way dairy can cause snoring because of the effects it has on mucus and its production. Aside from lowering dairy consumption, another possible solution is to drink more water. Some have noted that this helps to thin the extra mucus.


The term allergies can be rather broad and vague. To be more specific, seasonal allergies are another lesser known cause of snoring. To be even more exact, the allergy known as hay fever is the most common cause in this category.

However, the culprit is actually mucus once again. High mucus production combined with general congestion can easily cause snoring at night. This cause can often be observed in action during the spring and summer months. Again, drinking more water may be able to help with the mucus. Other than that, the only recommendation generally given is to take an antihistamine.


During the third trimester, between 25 and 50 percent of women experience a significant amount of snoring. This kind of snoring is caused by the extra body weight gained during pregnancy as well as the general congestion many women report.

However, the good news is that this kind of snoring often resolves itself. Pregnant women may want to invest in a quality anti-snoring device for the third trimester though. Snoring can negatively affect the health of their unborn child, specifically by causing premature births and low birth weights.


Many individuals use a number of prescription medications on a daily basis. There is nothing wrong with this but one must know what to expect from what is being put into their body. In the case of anti-anxiety drugs, anti-depressants, and some pain killers, they can cause one to snore.

This is due to the relaxing effect they have on the body. Before talking to a doctor, one must the weigh the pros and cons of changing medications as opposed to seeking a snoring solution. Often it is found that the medications are worth taking and the individual who is suffering from snoring is better off keeping their prescriptions the same and adding an anti-snoring device.

Structural Differences

This cause is almost impossible to identify without the help of a medical professional. As a whole, any structure in the mouth or throat that is larger than normal can obstruct the airway enough to cause snoring. If this is the case then typically the only options are surgery or an oral device.

Although the lesser known causes of snoring are more difficult to find information about, they can often be fixed quite easily. Also, they are not as prevalent as things like age and body weight.

This means that they are less likely to cause a significant amount of snoring in most cases. They must be considered nonetheless because only treating part of a problem often leads to only part of a solution.

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