The Ultimate Guide to Anti-Snoring Nasal Devices (2018 version)

Highly detailed, in-depth anti-snoring nasal devices guide based on my personal experience of using nasal dilators and strips.

You see it in movies and on comedy shows, but I don’t necessarily see it as a laughing matter. The characters on screen can joke about their snoring habits, but in my home, we’ve moved past the funny phase. Snoring became a real problem.

At first, I thought the conflict was simply because I was keeping others awake at night. But when someone commented on how I have changed as a person, I realized it was affecting me too.

Snoring impacts the people around you, but it also affects your own health and quality of sleep. And when I don’t get enough sleep I get cranky.

This became the biggest motivator behind finding a solution. I didn’t want this to affect the relationships with those I love most.

Perhaps you want to prevent conflict, or you need to improve your health. I suggest you give these nasal devices a try. There’s a reason they’re becoming synonymous with the lives of snorers. They can actually work.

Below we look at a few of the best nasal devices available at the moment. I hope you find your solution like I did mine.

My Pick
TheraventTheravent is a cut above the rest because these nasal air vents are so super soft. It makes them comfortable to wear so you’ll quickly get used to them and get optimal sleep. Their efficacy is thanks to the MicroValve technology that regulates your breathing and because they’re so easy to use, anyone can quickly get the hang of them. You can also have peace of mind because they’re FDA approved. With the trial packs available and free shipping, they’re also the perfect product for first time nasal strip users so you can test it out without spending too much money.

Nasal Strips

Nasal StripsWhat Are Anti-Snoring Nasal Strips?

If you’re new to this type of anti-snoring device, here’s what you’re in for. Nose breathing strips are small pieces of fabric reinforced with plastic or silicone.

They have adhesive on one side with which they attach to your nose.

You’ll find different designs on the market as some regulate breathing by pulling open your nostril area while others cover the nostrils to use pressure to force open nasal passages.

They’re not usually reusable, so you’ll use a new one each night.

How Do They Work?

How Nasal Strips WorkThe power of these strips is in how they help open up your air ways inside your nose. This is necessary so breathing can continue normally instead of it being forced through small openings in your nose or down your throat. Because all these passages tend to collapse at night snorers need help forcing them open.

By positioning nasal strips just behind the flare of your nostrils, you enable them to pull your nostrils open. You bend and pull the strip when you apply it. It will automatically attempt to return to its original, position. This movement pulls the nostrils open and opens up the air ways.

Other strips cover your nose but have small vents. They’re designed to create just enough pressure inside the nose to force the air back to the throat which can lead to more comfortable breathing.

Can Nasal Strips Be Effective to Stop Snoring?

Can nasal strips be effective to stop snoring?How does this affect snoring? Snoring has many causes but one of them—a very common one—is simply having closed air ways in the throat and nose. The loud snoring sounds occur when the air is forced through tiny spaces, either in the nose or throat and mouth areas.

When nasal strips pull open passages in the nose, there is more space for air to move around. Breathing can then happen comfortably through the nose, so the snoring noises will be less or even disappear completely.

When air can flow through the nose, there’s no reason for it to be forced down the throat and out through the mouth. This means snoring caused be vibrating parts in the throat cavity will also be less or won’t happen at all.

You can see this method works for a certain type of snorer. If you breathe through your nose naturally but find your nose blocked at night, this may help. However, if you breathe through your mouth and find your tongue or collapsed muscles obstruct breathing, a remedy that works on your nose won’t assist.

For other snorers who know they snore due to collapsed nasal passages a system that ensures the air travels out through the mouth can be just as helpful.

It’s noteworthy that most nasal strips don’t contain any medicinal adhesives or dangerous elements. Therefore, you can use most nasal strips for kids without putting their health at risk.

This is usually a remedy for light or medium snorers with loads of good feedback from happy clients.

But how do you know which type to try for you?

Best Anti-Snoring Solutions

Top Snoring Nasal Strips

I’ll help you find a solution fast. Below you’ll find a variety of nasal strips reviewed.

Gauge which one is most appropriate for you and start testing out the benefits.




TheraventThis brand has a unique approach to stop you from snoring as these strips are positioned over the nostrils, and they seal by sticking onto your skin around the nostrils. The dynamics are based on EPAP technology to change airflow, so air travels out via your mouth instead of your nose.

Note: This is the only product that has made this technology available to consumers without requiring prescriptions. It’s also FDA approved so you can use this while knowing it’s a safe option.

The strips have tiny vents in them that open up when you breathe in. The magic happens when you breathe out, and the vents close partially. This positive pressure now pushes air through your throat, so you don’t snore because of your collapsed nasal passages anymore.

Unlike many other brands Theravent offers you three different options in its range:

  • Lite
  • Regular
  • Max

You can use the Lite product to test it out and to get used to sleeping with these strips. Depending on your level of snoring you can try the other options later on. I love that the brand provides a trial pack containing all of these, so you can gauge which one to buy in bulk later on.

This product does require some getting used to, so you won’t know the effects instantly. Prepare yourself for a period of adjustment. For me and many other users, this was the solution we’ve been looking for, but it took about a week to adjust and feel comfortable at night.

Breathe Right 

Here are some of the more traditional nasal strips. Breathe Right strips are placed across your nose and because of the sturdy design & strong adhesive your nasal passages are pulled open after you applied one of them.

Some are designed to accommodate delicate skin. While they’re easy to remove it can be painful pulling off such strong adhesive when your skin is sensitive. This is a major area of complaint with nasal strip products in general. For this reason, the brand has products especially designed for sensitive skin.

Luckily Breathe Right strips side effects are minimal when you find the product most appropriate for you:

  • Original: This isn’t the strongest option
  • Lavender: This can have a calming effect, but it’s not ideal if you’re sensitive to certain aromas
  • Extra clear: This is one of the stronger items and won’t hurt sensitive skin
  • Extra: Much stronger than the Original design
  • Clear: It’s not very strong, but it’s designed not to hurt your skin

So, you simply have to pick the right one to get the guaranteed effects the brand promises.

You can use Breath Right for kids and just about anyone because no drugs or medicinal compounds are used. With Breath Right strips sleep apnea and other sleep disorders can be treated or at the very least alleviated.

Better Breath

How Better Breath is DifferentHere’s another traditional nasal strip and they’re worth consideration for many practical reasons.

They work on the premise that the strong strength of the fabric will pull your nostrils open and clear the nasal passages for better breathing at night. These strips can increase the space inside your nose by up to 30%. That means there’s much less chance of air being forced through tiny holes which is one of the main reasons for snoring.

The brand also makes it an extremely convenient and hygienic practice since each strip is sold in its own sealed packet. For people with sensitive skin, you don’t want to contaminate this is very beneficial.

The brand also makes sure of your comfort:

  • You can pick one of two sizes. Pick the one most appropriate for your nose so you enjoy optimum effects. Note that these are mostly sold in bulk so unfortunately you don’t have the benefit of trying them out first. Luckily these are quite affordable so purchasing a large number of them won’t cost you an arm and a leg.
  • The strips are extremely soft—even though they’re firm enough to do the job—and weigh next to nothing, so they’re not bothersome at night.

Just take note that these aren’t designed to counter problems of sleep apnea so if that’s your current challenge you’ll have to try one of the other units on this list.

SnoreBand Nasal Strips

SnoreBand Nasal StripsHere’s why you should consider putting these on your shopping list: They’re known to even help with alleviating symptoms other than snoring.

For you or your child SnoreBand nasal strips can help counter the effects of allergies. And if you have a common cold one of these can help you sleep better at night by improving your breathing.

I love that these come in small packs such as the ones containing 30 units. It’s easy to pop these in your luggage, and if you’re still testing them out it makes sense not to purchase many at once.

With all these strips it’s, of course, essential that you position the strips just right. If you don’t, they won’t make the necessary adjustment to your nasal passages. SnoreBand provides you with a complete set of fitting instructions so you won’t go through an unnecessary long period of adjusting, testing and figuring out what really works.

They’re comfortable even though they’re not made of fabric. The substance is soft and comfortable, so there’s no chance of the edges scratching your or your sleeping partner at night.

They’re of course disposable, so you need one each night. Buying packs of 30 makes it easy to manage your monthly budget. Luckily these aren’t very expensive, so it’s a budget-friendly snoring remedy to try.

No medicine or dangerous adhesive products are used so there’s no chance of side effects. If you do battle taking them off in the morning, you can always use soap and water to loosen the adhesive.


MEDca Nasal StripsEach person is different, right? And can an adhesive strip actually help individuals with different snoring problems?

Yes, it’s possible with enough research, and this is the motivation behind the unique design of the MEDca nasal strips.

Here are some of the features that benefit your sleep and counter snoring:

  • The strips are flexible to improve comfort
  • The spring-like bands are strong enough to impact your nasal passages by lifting the sides of the nose
  • The unique design is based on ample research so these fit 75% of adults’ noses
  • Tiny openings allow your skin to still breathe while you wear them; This minimizes skin irritations, dryness and itching
  • The brand claims to increase airflow by up to 31%

One exemplary feature is that these are known not to cause jaw or teeth pain as some anti snoring remedies are known to do.

All these features are still available at quite an affordable price, and you can purchase a box of 30 strips to start with. That’s a very reasonable investment even if you’re still testing it out.

Nasal Dilators

Nasal DilatorsAbove I mentioned products that help you breathe by working from outside the nose.

Objects that work from inside, however, can be just as effective.

What Are Anti-Snoring Nasal Dilators?

SleepRight Nasal Breathe Aid FittingThis name is pretty self-explanatory. I already mentioned that many snoring problems are caused by nasal passages that are simply too small to allow air through freely.

A nasal dilator ensures that a passage remains open, so the sounds related to nose snoring is less severe or completely gone. These nasal dilators come in the form of nose vents, and they’re also called sinus cones or nose cones.

Why ‘sinus’? Because apart from snoring these nose cones can combat the challenges of sinus problems or even swelling and mucus formed as a result of a cold.

Dilators are small cones made of silicone or plastic. These are inserted into the nasal passages and can be pulled out, washed and used again. For the purpose of pushing them in and taking them out the cones have small bridges or grips attached to them.

How Do Sinus Cones Work?

How does Nasal Dilator workThe structure of nasal dilators is firm while brands usually focus on making them from soft materials so they’re as comfortable as possible when inserted.

When they’re inside—and if you find an ideal size that suits your nose—the firm cones will keep your nasal passages in a certain shape and position. Even if there’s swelling these tubes are strong enough to keep the area open, so air can flow freely.

A well-designed silicone nasal dilator is soft enough not to cause pain to the wearer while it’s strong enough to retain its shape throughout the night.

In the morning a nasal cone can be extracted by pulling on the grip. It can then be washed and stored away. These dilators are meant to be used indefinitely or at least for a few days, so it’s not a daily expense as many other snoring aids are.

Here’s an additional bonus of these snoring remedies: You won’t have that dry mouth in the morning anymore because this aids nose breathing and limits air flowing through your mouth & drying out your tongue.

Can Nose Cones Be Effective to Stop Snoring?

How Snorepin WorksNote that nasal dilators counter a certain problem related to snoring. They’re worthwhile to try if you know your snoring is the sound of one of the following scenarios:

  • Air being pushed through your nose passages that are too small. This could be because of swelling, muscles relaxing, mucus or even nose deformities.
  • Some individuals’ throat muscles collapse when they sleep (the causes are numerous). If your nose is blocked, the air will automatically be forced into your throat. If this passage is too small, it will cause loud noises as the air causes parts of your throat to vibrate.
  • If your tongue blocks the back of your throat when you sleep, it’s best the air travels via your nose when you breathe. However, if your nose passages can’t handle large volumes of air, it will result in noise or even sleep apnea.

In all these cases it would be beneficial if your nasal passages can have some assistance in staying open while you sleep. This is exactly what nasal cones do, and so they can be perfect remedies.

However, if you only breathe through your mouth, these won’t necessarily help. In these situations, you’ll need a remedy that assists in keeping parts of your mouth positioned correctly. For this, you can have a look at some reviews on mouth pieces.

If your snoring problem falls into one of the appropriate categories above, here are some options you can consider.

Best Anti-Snoring Solutions

Top Stop Snoring Nasal Dilators

The market offers many different designs, each with their own benefits.

There are many features, and you need to find the ones that will diminish snoring but also benefit you in terms of comfort and sleep quality.

Let’s look at some of the best ones.


Mute Nasal Dilator by Rhinomed

Rhinomed Mute Nasal DilatorWhen you’re picking out nasal dilators comfort is one of the most important requirements. You won’t be able to have a good night’s rest if you feel constant nagging pain.

Rhinomed circumvents this problem in many ways:

  • These nasal dilators are some of the most flexible you’ll find on the market
  • The dilators are available in three different sizes: Small, Medium and Large
  • Each dilator has parts you can adjust to customize it to your nose size and shape

This gives you loads of options to find a dilator that fits snug but comfortable.

These have quite a unique design that has been tested and proven to increase airflow up to 38% by keeping the airways open. They’re made of soft polymers, but the quality build is sturdy enough to retain shape right through the night.

This brand understands that people are different which is why you get different sizes. They also realized consumers needed the chance to determine which unit will work for them. That’s why you have the option of purchasing a trial pack containing all the units. You can try each one and settle on the one that provides the most comfort.

The units can repeatedly be used, but it’s advisable you only use each one a maximum of ten times. This makes this a recurring expense which you should consider when planning your budget.

At $14.99 for this trial pack, it’s at least a reasonable expense. Once you’ve settled on the right size, you can purchase them in bulk for around $20 for three units. That means you purchase a month’s supply at a time if you need to wear these daily.

If you feel awkward at the thought of placing this inside your nose—as many consumers do—know that this product is approved by the FDA, so you know you’re using a safe product.

Take note that these units cover less of the nose’s interior than some other cones you’ll see below. Depending on your specific problem this could affect whether these actually work for you.

SleepRight Nasal Breathe Aid

Sleep Right Nasal Breathe AidWith this nasal dilator, you don’t have the option of different sizes. The brand trusts the flexible material not to cause discomfort to wearers.

If the shape is compatible with your nose, this breathe aid is excellent at limiting snoring by keeping your nasal passages open. It’s done by nasal flares manufactured in a unique design.

The flares are easy to use. You simply bend them at the ends, so they will fit inside your nose and then push them in. When you get up in the morning, you simply pull on the bridge that connects the two flares.

The brand uses medical grade silicone. This is soft enough to feel extremely comfortable but strong enough to keep your nostrils expanded. It’s also free of any chemicals or substances that could cause health problems or irritations.

Of course, price is always an important aspect to consider. These are very budget friendly, firstly because they’re reusable, so you don’t have a daily expense to counter snoring every night. One unit can be used for up to 14 days.

Secondly, they’re available at a reasonable price of around $14 so they’re well worth your consideration. This price is lower than many other similar products on the market.


SnoreCare Anti-Snoring Nasal DilatorAnother option for those who do not like mouthpieces, but obviously still want to stop their snoring issues, is SnoreCare nasal vents.  I found the SnoreCare nasal vents as a good option, they were soft, comfortable to wear and also worked consistently for my mild snoring.

One issue I did find with them is that they tended to fall out during the night.  They did not have many downsides, but constantly having to wake up and refit them I found not to be optimal.  Sizing could be an issue here.


Nozovent Anti-Snoring DeviceIt’s important to prepare yourself for adjustment periods when it comes to this type of nasal devices. Nasal dilators are inserted inside your body and are bound to cause some discomfort. But this is usually something your body simply needs to get used to and then you simply benefit from the results.

That’s exactly the case with Nozovent. These units can create a sense of pressure since there’s quite some tension in the spring design. This helps them stay in place but will feel awkward at first.

This manufacturer keeps overall health in mind. Only small nodules on the dilators touch the insides of your nasal passages. This is to limit contact with the mucus membrane, so there’s very little chance of your Nozovents causing nose bleeds.

Nozovent is a long piece of flexible polyeteramid. You bend the end towards each other, insert it into your nose, and the tension of the unit wanting to return to its original shape pushes the nasal passages apart.

This design is one of the more prominent nasal dilators because after insertion there’s still a large piece of it protruding from your nose. This increases the chance that you can accidentally pull it out during the night. It’s also transparent so quite difficult to find if it fell on the floor.

However, it’s a popular brand because it’s safe and user-friendly. It’s also available in two different sizes so there’s a good chance you’ll find a comfortable fit. They’re even customizable because you can simply trim the edges if it will make them fit better.

It has been clinically tested which confirms it’s safe for consumers. All the above features have given some users up to 50% increased airflow which is quite impressive when compared to other snoring remedies.

WoodyKnows Nasal Dilator

WoodyKnows Nasal DilatorThe research around nasal dilators have developed so much over time that now these aren’t simply effective to counter snoring, but so much more. WoodyKnows is one example of this as these units can have a positive impact in many situations:

  • Breathing can improve when you wear them during exercise
  • When you suffer from flu, these will counter the effects of inflammation and swelling
  • Allergies’ effects can be countered, so you breathe easier.

This specific brand is even safe enough to give to children as it’s FDA approved and BPA free.

As with all nasal dilators, it’s essential you be patient during a time of adjustment. However, this brand provides many features to help you find a perfect fit:

  • Four different sizes are available:
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
    • X-Large
  • It has a slanted design, so it can fit deep inside your nostrils because it follows your nose’s natural shape
  • It’s made of a soft, flexible substance so your nose’s interior won’t get hurt or damaged.

They’re quite discreet as only a small part extends outside your nose when they’re inserted, so there’s very little chance of it being pulled out accidentally while you sleep.

Maintenance is also easy as they’re easy to clean by rinsing. As a bonus, you get a travel case with your purchases, and at $15.99 it’s not much more expensive than similar products.

Nasal Strips vs. Nasal Dilators – Which is better?  

Nasal Strips vs. Nasal DilatorsNow there’s a decision you have to make: Which of these items will be best for you?

Always remember that your unique situation, snoring type, and nose build determine what will really work for you.

But to gauge which will most probably be your best solution, I’ll share my experience and opinions.

What’s The Difference Between Nose Strips and Sinus Cones?

Of course, there are similarities as both types are designed to keep the nasal passages open. They’re also centered around your nose, but strips and dilators have completely opposite ways of working.

Nasal strips pull your nasal passages from outside into position while dilators push from the inside. Is there a best way?

The next difference is what they’re made of. While one is usually made of silicone, strips are made of fabric and adhesive. This is one of the most important differences as the adhesive can react with some users’ skins. In such a case a silicone or BPA free plastic unit is a much better option I believe.

Neither one is completely pain-free as removing them can sting. Your skin may be sensitive and hurt when you peel off a nasal strip, but when your nose hairs get tangled in a dilator, it can be just as uncomfortable.

A huge item of consideration is the visibility of the units. A strip will always be seen while many dilators are almost invisible. If you feel self-conscious about the fact you’re using snoring remedies, this may be an important feature to consider too.

If you don’t like messes, here’s a difference worth considering: Clean up. You can simply rip off the nasal strips when you’re done and throw them away, but you need to take care when pulling out a nasal dilator. These cones can be covered in mucus and even have some nose hairs attached. Keep a cloth at hand and do it at the wash basin so you can immediately rinse them off.

You must also ask yourself about your budget when you plan how to counter snoring. Nasal strips require a daily expense since they’re not reusable while at least some dilators can be used for a few days or more.

So how do you pick? I believe you have a list of preferences and you can match a remedy to meet most of your requirements. Perhaps a list of pros and cons will help?

Pros and Cons of Nasal Strips and Nasal Dilators

I have long been an avid supporter of nasal dilators because I—and many consumers—have seen their efficacy and enjoy their comfort more than using a strip every night.

But here’s a list to help you find your personal best remedy.

Nasal Strips


  • Hygienic because you need a new one each night
  • Non-invasive
  • Affordable option
  • Comfortable
  • No adjustment periods
  • Not many side effects.


  • Can be difficult to find the perfect positioning
  • Adhesive can affect your skin
  • Can be painful to take off
  • Visible when applied
  • They can become loose and fall off while you sleep
  • In general, they don’t work for sleep apnea.

Nasal Dilators


  • Mostly non-visible
  • Can be used to benefit exercise breathing or help during allergies/flu
  • No chemicals or medicinal substances used
  • Reusable
  • Effects can be measured immediately
  • No side effects once you’re used to the pressure


  • Can be messy when extracted
  • May feel uncomfortable at first

Comparing Nasal Devices to Other Types of Anti-Snoring Devices

Of course, if you’re doing a thorough research on how to curb your breathing you need to think of other anti-snoring devices too.

While the ones mentioned above are loved for their non-invasive approaches, there are other options that still help users effectively.

A quick comparison may help you compile your short list.

Nasal Devices vs. Mouthpieces


Nasal Devices vs. Mouthpieces

Mouthpieces are invasive, but they’re popular because they’re so effective.

As mentioned you snore when the air is forced through certain small spaces. When you force open confined spaces in the mouth, you’ll, therefore, prevent snoring.

While nasal devices specifically open up the nose passages a mouth piece does a few other things:

  • Expands the area in your upper air way
  • Forces your jaw forward
  • It can prevent your tongue from falling backward and blocking your airway.

This creates more effective airflow because there’s less resistance.

This method can work for both nose and mouth breathers where nasal devices mostly work for nose snorers. It can even work for moderate or heavy snorers and combat some forms or sleep apnea more effectively than nasal devices.

So yes, it’s more invasive, but mouth pieces are trusted by doctors based on evidence from clinical studies.

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Nasal Devices vs. Snoring Pillows

Nasal Devices vs. Snoring PillowsDid you know your body’s positioning affects your snoring too?

With a snoring pillow, you can regulate your airways when the sturdy support helps to align your neck, shoulders, and head. This position will aid breathing.

It’s noteworthy to understand this mostly affects back sleepers.

Because it’s such a noninvasive procedure, it’s another popular option, and because it can’t fall out or detach during the night, it’s more effective than nasal devices.

Of course, a nasal device is easy to carry with your wherever you go while pillows make for difficult transport. Using a nasal device as a backup option is a good idea.

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Nasal Devices vs. Chinstraps

Nasal Devices vs. ChinstrapsYes, I found these chin straps quite hot and uncomfortable when I first tried them. However, don’t disregard their efficacy.

Here’s the question: Do you snore via your nose or your mouth?

If you breathe and snore through your mouth, your snoring may dissipate if you can channel the air to your nose. That’s what a chin strap is for, and it gets remarkable feedback from consumers.

However, if you already breathe and therefore snore through your nose, a chin strap won’t have any effect on your snoring or breathing.

It’s all about context so ask your partner where the sound comes from before you spend a lot on snoring remedies.

Be prepared for an adjustment period because anything placed on your skin can cause itchiness and can leave you feeling hot at night.

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Nasal Devices vs. Anti-Snoring Sprays

Nasal Devices vs. Anti-Snoring SpraysI love nasal sprays because they get right to the cause of snoring:

  • It can loosen mucus that can block airways
  • It can prevent inflammation
  • It helps to tighten tissue, so it no longer blocks airways.

However, these usually only minimize snoring instead of stopping it completely. With these sprays, you’re also using herbal or medicinal products to which you may have an allergic effect. The risks are therefore higher, and you have no guarantee the good effects will last throughout the night.

They’re great as enhancers, but nasal devices that physically combat the problem are much more effective and safer to use.

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So, there is a lot of new evidence here for you that gives you hope for curbing your snoring?

If you’re a light snorer, these items stand an extremely good chance of helping you. Best of all is that there are non-intrusive, safe options you can try.

However, note that these are for light snorers and very specific kinds of snorers.

Based on clinical studies other methods—such as mouthpieces—are the solutions most suggested by doctors around the globe.

Yes, these are more invasive than these nasal devices but more effective in extreme cases.

Now you know enough to take up the snoring battle once again.

Good luck.

Which Product Should I Choose?

questionEvery person has a unique mouth and needs, so one that is perfect for one person may not be the best option for another.

There are well over 100 products on the market, so making a decision can be quite daunting.

You will find a lot of helpful information in the comparison chart, and I have written reviews of several products.

If you would rather not spend a lot of time reading reviews, please consult my article titled “My Mouthpiece Recommendation”. I have compiled a list of three products that I believe are the best options, based on my experience.