Although most snorers turn to mandibular advancement devices to help them stop snoring, tongue stabilizing devices are gaining popularity.

Rather than holding the jaw in a forward position, these products work by holding the tongue, so it cannot fall back towards the throat.

The AveoTSD is a TRD or TSD (Tongue Stabilizing/Retaining Device) and is different than the most common mouthpiece you might have seen – the MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device). It definitely stands out from the moment you see it.

The first time I watched an AveoTSD video, I immediately thought it looks like a baby’s pacifier and was wondering how effective it could possibly be compared to a sturdier and tougher looking device like a MAD.

I was pleasantly surprised, so much so that it turned into one of my favorite anti-snoring solutions. It is quick to use, effective, comfortable, cost-effective, and a wide variety of snorers can use it.

I tested the AveoTSD thoroughly for almost a month, and now it is in the rotation of my go-to products. Here is what I found.

What is AveoTSD and How is It Different?

AveoTSD - My Review of one of my Favorite Mouthpieces to DateThe aveoTSD is a noninvasive anti-snoring device that suctions gently to the tip of your tongue. When you fall asleep, your muscles relax, and this includes your tongue. When gravity pulls it back toward your throat, your airway is obstructed, and soft tissues vibrate as air is forced through to your lungs.

This vibration is what causes the snoring sound. Since aveoTSD holds your tongue while you sleep, it allows your airway to remain free of obstructions.

Some people’s snoring comes from air pushed through their collapsed nasal passages. However, most people snore because the breaths they take while sleeping forces air through the back of their throats where the tongue partially blocks the way.

Ideally, your airways should be open when you sleep but lifestyle, health challenges, and DNA cause many people’s muscles—such as the tongue—to relax too much when they doze off.

This means the airway is much smaller than when you’re awake. The air rushing past soft tissue forces the tissue to vibrate and that’s the harsh snoring noise your partner has to listen to each night.

If you’re anything like me—battling with snoring for a while now—you’ve probably tried many remedies already: To keep jaws closed, to open nasal passages or to manage air pressure.

Yes, MADs and TSDs are designed from a similar perspective: Controlling the positions of parts of the face or mouth. But these devices are definitely not 100% the same.

While a MAD is focused on managing the position of your jaw a TSD purely relates to your tongue.

This small difference influences everything that’s important:
• The efficacy of the device since working with the source of the problem—the tongue—is a more dynamic method.
• The discomfort you feel since it’s much more invasive and painful to have your jaw pushed into a certain position all night. This can actually become painful for some users. In contrast, the TSD works firmly but much gentler.

AveoTSD is made of soft medical grade silicone that is non-irritating to the gums.

Unlike many oral devices that need to be fitted either in a laboratory or by using a boil-and-bite technique, aveoTSD is ready-to-use right out-of-the-box.

This company also suggests that aveoTSD is suitable for denture wearers and individuals with TMJ.

With AveoTSD Sleep Apnea can Be Dealt with Too

I found it frustrating to discover snoring remedies often didn’t have any impact on sleep apnea. This is the condition where you would actually stop breathing for intervals or only take very shallow breaths. This affects the amount of oxygen that will get to your brain.

Since around 50% of snorers also face some sort of sleep apnea and because few snoring remedies can help, it leaves many people without dynamic solutions to consider.

That’s one of the best ways AveoTSD differs from the bulk of devices in the market: It can actually help you counter mild to moderate sleep apnea.

Fitting Guide

AveoTSD Fitting The Aveo does look like the pacifier I thought it looked like in the initial video I saw.  It also feels pliable, which I thought would be more comfortable for my mouth.  Out of the box, it was pretty much ready to be used with a very minimal setup that I did below.

  1. Rinse the Aveo in water.
  2. Grip the AveoTSD with one hand or both placing fingers on top and below the cavity. Make sure the V notched side is facing upwards.
  3. Press your fingers together to force out the air from the cavity. The device will bend because it’s made from a soft material.
  4. Place it in front of your tongue.
  5. Start releasing your fingers and allow your tongue to be sucked inside the cavity. The suction power will be strong because of the vacuum you’ve created. Your tongue will slide inside because of the moisture.
  6. You can use more pump actions to pull your tongue deeper inside the cavity if necessary.
  7. Let it rest with the protruding parts resting against your lips. Someone advised me to also try it with those parts between my lips and gums, but I found this to be uncomfortable and it hurt my gums.

The manufacturer does not suggest using this device the first night for sleeping. It is recommended to spend time getting used to it for small time periods while watching television, cleaning the house, etc. This will allow you to get used to the sensation of having the appliance attached to your tongue.

You will always want to run your aveoTSD under hot water before using it. This will soften the silicone and make it easier to work with.

When you look at the mouthpiece, make sure that the V-notch is facing down, so it can fit around the lingual frenulum, which is the mucous membrane that begins at the floor of the mouth and runs upward along the underside of the tongue. In some cases, the mouthpiece may need to be modified to provide enough room for the frenulum.

The manufacturer states that it does typically take about a week to get used to wearing it. You may experience soreness and hypersalivation, and you may find that the device falls off while you sleep until you are able to achieve the perfect fit every time you put it in. If snoring continues, then you may need a clip-on Uni-Spacer to help your tongue protrude even further.

Your aveoTSD will need to be rinsed under hot water daily and thoroughly cleaned using a denture solution once a week. You never want to clean or store it using mouthwash. If the product contains alcohol it can damage the silicone.

Universal Sizing

Because of its design, the AveoTSD will comfortably fit any size mouth – it is a one size fits all solution thanks to the pump action design.

There is no boil and bite necessary like a MAD, no trimming necessary, and no need to mold it specifically to your mouth.  It was so simple to start using, which is one of the many reasons I liked it so much.

It continues to stay this easy the entire lifetime of the product.  No midterm adjustments are needed.

It is also ideal for anyone who has had any type of dental work done.  Denture wearers, crowns, implants, veneers, someone with any type of dental issues can use the product.

However, one thing to take note of is that if you breathe through your mouth for any reason such as a cold or allergies, you will not be able to use the Aveo.  You will have to use another product (which is one reason I have so many at my disposal, different situations call for different products).

Company Information

The device was created by a dental expert in New Zealand, Dr. Chris Robertson after about a decade of researching the topic.  After over 8 years of clinical research, the AveoTSD was ready for the world.

It is sold by different distributors around the world, and you can order it online or through your dentist.

The company believes in providing people with simple, effective and affordable health therapies for a wide spectrum of clients – whether economically disadvantaged or not.  They believe in focusing on bridging the gap between economic classes and health.

Clinical Data

The AveoTSD is a small device made of medical grade silicone. It has a cavity where you insert your tongue and a unique design that allows it to comfortably rest against your lips when you close your mouth. Its design keeps the tongue in this position through the night.

Let’s get to the science behind the Aveo TSD. The device uses the power of a vacuum to counter the forces of gravity.

With your tongue inside the cavity (it’s kept there thanks to suctioning power) it’s prevented from dropping back into your throat when you lie down and relax your muscles. Now air can travel freely which results in less noise and more oxygen going to the brain.

There have been a few clinical studies done using the AveoTSD.

After several years of clinical research, randomized, controlled trials have indicated that the AveoTSD can be an effective therapy in individuals with snoring.  The product is also FDA approved for snoring – and OSA approval is subject to random crossover clinical trials that are still ongoing.

Pros and Cons

Like all anti-snoring solutions, aveoTSD has its share of pros and cons. It is important to become familiar with both the positive and negative aspects before making your decision.


  • Non-invasive
  • No prescription necessary
  • Counter sleep apnea and snoring
  • FDA approved
  • Made from hygienic medical grade silicone which is nonirritating
  • Ready to use, no customization necessary
  • Easy to clean
  • Very portable
  • Case provided with purchase
  • Long-term use, up to 12 months
  • Works no matter your sleeping habits
  • One size fits all
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Good price – $89 for one and $139 for two.
  • Manufacturer states it can be worn by individuals with dentures and TMJ.


  • Won’t work for extreme/severe sleep apnea
  • Requires an adjustment period
  • Limited vendors (but can be ordered online)
  • Not suitable for individuals who breathe through their mouth
  • May cause hypersalivation.

My Experience

For me, it was firstly a challenge to get past the mental obstacles. As stated I needed to ignore the fact that it resembled a pacifier, so I won’t feel silly using it. But practicality eventually trumped my pride and one afternoon I put it in and lay down on the couch.

I was surprised at how comfortable it felt. I thought it would affect my breathing and swallowing, but these could mostly continue as usual. It only started feeling uncomfortable when I’ve worn it for about 30 minutes. I took it out and tried again later that day.

On my second practice session, I tried different positions. I realized the amount of suction power I create and how much of my tongue goes inside the cavity to determine my level of comfort. I tried a few different positions until I could gauge what is ideal for me. In this position, I was able to lie down comfortably for quite a while.

After doing this for two days, I had to test it out in bed. Here are a few things you need to know:

  • It came loose a few times during the night because I ripped it from my mouth with my hand.
  • I found it’s better to fit it a bit tighter than I originally thought necessary.
  • It takes about seven days to get used to it and sleep through the night wearing the device.
  • You may experience more salivation than usual, so yes, you’ll be drooling in your sleep, but this abated after about a month.
  • My tongue felt sore in the morning those first few days, but it subsided eventually. Now if I pump the cavity too much, there is some pain when I wake up, so it’s essential to fit it really well before you fall asleep.

What I did expect never happened: I thought because I’m a stomach sleeper I will have to change my habits, but this seems to work no matter the position I fall asleep in.

Week 2 and Beyond

As I continued using the product, I figured out some things that helped get even more usefulness out of it.

  • Take your time to discover the most comfortable way to wear the device
  • Don’t over pump because it can lead to pain in your tongue
  • Maintain it well if you want long-term use of it
  • Be prepared for a period of adjustment
  • Don’t let a dry mouth or heightened salivation deter you because these side effects are bound to pass

Over time the silicone’s elasticity will adjust. This could mean you’ll have to change your use of it such as pumping it slightly more than usual to ensure it stays in place all through the night. However, this will only be necessary after extensive use.

Maintaining Your AveoTSD

It was very easy for me to maintain the product to keep it clean and in the best condition possible – which I knew would also give me the longest life using it.

  • Rinse every morning in warm water after taking it out
  • Place in the provided container
  • Allow to air dry by leaving the cover off

Once in a while, you can sterilize it in boiling water, but this will alter the look of the silicone over time.

There are important ‘Don’ts’ you need to take heed of:

  • Don’t close the container after rinsing as this will create a moist, warm environment that can cause mold to grow
  • You can’t use corrosive detergents as it will affect the silicone
  • Toothpaste can’t be used to clean this because it can lead to a buildup forming on the surface

Who is the AveoTSD Recommended For?

In discussing my new snoring remedy with others, I heard their disappointments with snoring devices they were currently using. Many of these issues were cleared up when they tried AveoTSD:

  • Age: Because this is such a noninvasive device I have no qualms about getting one for one of my children. You may think snoring doesn’t relate to children’s sleeping habits but what happens when they get sick or have allergies? In some cases, keeping the tongue in the right position can help with their breathing at night.
  • People without permanent teeth: Because of the unique design that rests on the outside of the mouth the efficacy of the AveoTSD isn’t reliant on your teeth or the shape of your mouth and gums. You can even wear these with your dentures and not feel much discomfort.
  • Medical costs: Going to the doctor for a snoring problem seems unnecessary for many people. Although this was developed by a dental professional, you don’t need a prescription to get it.
  • Medical concerns: If you’re suffering from TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction) you don’t want to try any adverse techniques relating to the jaw and mouth area. Of course, using some anti-snoring methods such as MAD are out of the question because it will add to the pressure on the jaw. Not so with the AveoTSD. Now you can treat your snoring while you have TMJ.

Comparisons with Other Popular TSDs

So, is this the best snoring device out there? A quick comparison with other popular TSDs provides some perspective on how much value for money you’ll get.

AveoTSD vs. Good Morning Snore Solution

AveoTSD vs. Good Morning Snore SolutionIt’s tempting to think one TSD is as good as the next. This happens when you look at the GMSS (Good Morning Snore Solution) because they’re based on the same premise. But an in-depth GMSS and AveoTSD review quickly shows differences.

It’s true that both are made from soft substances, but the GMSS is actually plastic resin and not medical grade silicon like the AveoTSD.

The biggest difference lies in how they operate. With the AveoTSD, I described how you can use pump actions to get just the right fit. With the GMSS you don’t have this option. There’s a small cavity in which your tongue fits, and you can’t customize it at all.

The one thing I like about the GMSS is that only a small part of it protrudes when you wear it. This is less like a pacifier, so if you have some pride issues, this may seem ideal. But this is actually part of the challenges with this brand. The main part of the device sits against your gums which can be much more irritating than the AveoTSD that rests against your lips on the outside.

Cost is often a complaint with AveoTSD, but it’s worthwhile to note that the similarly designed GMSS also sells for around $100. However, you usually don’t get a case included in the purchase unless ordered at additional cost.

My personal preference for aesthetics: I like the clear, transparent look of AveoTSD to the colored look of GMSS.  While the GMSS is an effective mouthpiece, in my opinion, the AveoTSD wins out when it comes to the lifespan and custom fitting when compared to the GMSS.

AveoTSD vs. ZenGuard

AveoTSD vs. ZenGuardThe Zenguard matches the AveoTSD in how it functions. You insert your tongue and use pump actions of the bulb like part to adjust the fit.

While they’re similar the ZenGuard has a few differences:

  • The brand doesn’t provide users with instructions, so they struggle to figure out how to use it
  • The adjustment period is much longer, so you’re bound to feel discomfort for a few weeks. This could be because it’s not made of such soft material as the AveoTSD.
  • The ZenGaurd is not FDA approved.

It’s designed to be positioned with the protruding parts resting against your gums on the inside of your lips. As mentioned above I find this very uncomfortable, so I prefer the AveoTSD’s application.

The AveoTSD wins out here vs. the ZenGaurd also.  I am a fan of the ZenGaurd, I have used it as well and thought it was effective, but overall the Aveo was more comfortable and had the scientific evidence (clinically tested) to back it up.


Firstly, the benefit of finding a reusable anti-snoring device is that you won’t have recurring expenses. The medical grade silicone the AveoTSD is made of will keep its form for long, so this only has to be a yearly expense. Of course, you’ll need to look after it to keep it hygienic.

Although the device is sold by medical professionals, dentists and chemists you can purchase the device straight from the manufacturer’s website for $89. You can also purchase the twin pack for $139, which breaks down to a per unit price of less than $70.

Don’t balk at seeing this price. If you compare this to the long-term costs of using disposable nasal strips, this is a much more affordable option.

It’s also worth investing in this which is not only FDA approved in the United States, but also passed regulations in many other countries as well, such as Australia and Canada.

Included in the price is a container you can use for travel, day storage and rinsing the TSD each morning.

Here are a Few Reviews from Actual Customers

Mixed reviews regarding the My Snoring Solution anti-snoring deviceA quick look online confirmed most of what I stated here in my AveoTSD review.

There’s no question that it combats snoring because even individuals who found it too uncomfortable to keep on using note that their snoring abated while using it. For some people, it stopped snoring 100% while others experienced reduced snoring.

These effects only apply to individuals who have mild sleep apnea and not an adverse condition.

Some find the price a bit steep to pay for a piece of plastic, but they accept that it’s worth it because of the unique design.

In terms of customer, service reports vary. Some users appreciated the quick replies and refunds if they found the device not to work.

The many happy customers report positive results that are even better than CPAP devices or surgery.

Positive feedback has also been given by dental professionals who have seen the impact on their patients.

Some users claimed to feel totally comfortable with it within two days of use.

“My initial impression is that it is great for snoring. I can make a snoring noise any time I want to and it sometimes comes out when I sniff or laugh. What impresses me with the Aveo is that, try as I might, when it is in I cannot make a snoring noise at all. The only bad part is that it is really hard to swallow without your tongue being able to move. Complicating this is that having something on your tongue encourages salivation. The pamphlet says that this dies down after a while, especially if you follow the gradual conditioning process they outline. I am not sure I will use this for apnea because my oral appliance is working well, but it is a handy backup, especially for travel or my appliance breaks.”Matt Marcus

“Apparently once you get use to sleeping with something in your mouth, it does work. My Father decided to put his money where his mouth was due to his snoring issues (before my mother kicked him out of bed I am sure) and they are both much happier because of it. Sleeping better and getting a better quality of sleep.”Aveo Keen

“I’ve been using this device for about 4 years and now I’m throwing it away. Off and on it has irritated my gums and caused numerous mouth ulcers. Now it has given me a gum infection and I need anti-biotic treatment.”Mermaid Girl

Sources: Apnea Support, CPAP Talk


For me, this is an easy call to make. Even when comparing AveoTSD to other similar devices this brand comes out on top. I now have confidence that I can go to sleep, wake up feeling refreshed due to the effectiveness and comfort of this device (and without keeping my partner awake).

There are many positives here why I this device is one of my favorites now.  To reiterate, the price is very good (you have to remember how long it will last you when making the purchase), and you also get the 30-day money back guarantee if you have any issues.

The many clinical studies done on the product provides us with scientific evidence of its efficacy.  After receiving it, it is very customizable – with almost zero setup. I also believed it was more comfortable than the other top TSDs I have used – GMSS and Zengaurd.

For me, there are many benefits when it comes to the AveoTSD, and I can highly recommend this product as one of my favorite anti-snoring solutions and a clear winner in the TSD category.

My Rating: 2.7

Click Here to Access the Official AveoTSD Website

Which Product Should I Buy?

questionEvery person has a unique mouth and different needs for their particular snoring, so one that is perfect for one person, may not be the best option for another.

With well over 100 products on the market it can obviously be quite daunting to decide, “Which one?”

To help ease the decision process I have created a comparison chart where you can effortlessly assess each product and its features, price, pros and cons. I have also written several detailed reviews for those devices that I believe to be leading products.

If you would rather not spend a lot of time reading reviews, please take a look at the article linked here: My Mouthpiece Recommendation. It’s a list of three products which I believe, based on my extensive experience, are the best options available to people who suffer from snoring.