The Level Sleep Restore Pillow has been designed based on clinical studies into snoring reduction.It also has the added benefit of reducing neck, shoulder and back pain by gently holding your head and spine in correct alignment. By simply changing your pillow, you can reduce snoring, get a better nights’ sleep and reduce pain.

About Level Sleep

Roger Sramek, Inventor and Level Sleep Co-Founder

Roger Sramek, Inventor and Level Sleep Co-Founder

Level Sleep was initiated in 2002 by an inventor named Roger Sramek who was directly affected by a partner who snored.  After studying the mechanisms of snoring, he cut his partner’s pillow down the center with a carving knife, which created a space for her head to tilt back while asleep.  That slight tilt opened up her airways and stopped the snoring.

Roger then took his idea to Stanford University for testing, where the pillow was shown to reduce snoring by up to 78%.  The company Level Sleep was created as a direct result of this new product.  Level Sleep went on to develop other sleeping aids, such as mattresses, mattress toppers and lower body pillows.

The Level Sleep headquarters is located in Sonoma, CA; and the products are made in their U.S. factory from materials sourced from the United States.  Level Sleep also offers an “Experience Center” in Sonoma, CA where you can test all the products before purchase.  They have demo products through “sleep partners” throughout the country, and have a risk-free guarantee on products bought online.

What is the Level Sleep Restore Pillow?

Level Sleep Restore PillowMany pillows are too low for your neck to rest in a natural alignment, with the average height from the mattress falling at around 1 ½ inches above the mattress.  Because your neck is not properly supported, it can bow forward in a position that is uncomfortable and encourages snoring.

The Level Sleep Restore Snoring Pillow is an ergonomically-shaped pillow designed to support your neck in its natural alignment, which opens up your airways to reduce or eliminate snoring.  This comfortable anti-snoring product has a softer centre that holds the weight of your head while the firmer padding around the edge of the pillow simultaneously supports your neck, shoulders and upper back.  The pillow is covered in a specially designed material called “Recoveree” that features 4-way stretch technology, making the pillow cooler and more comfortable.

The product has been developed in partnership with Stanford University, and is made and distributed in the United States, and made from high quality, non-toxic materials produced in the country as well.  This anti-snoring device has received many positive reviews, both from customers and from doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists who recommend this anti-snoring product to their clients.

How is it Different?

The Restore Anti-Snore Pillow was primarily designed to reduce snoring, and has a unique approach to creating proper alignment of the neck and airways.  However, the pillow also has a number of other unique positive features that can help with some common side effects of uncomfortable sleeping positions.

Anti-snoring features.  The pillow has a soft center with a firmer edge, which cradles the head and gently keeps it in the optimum position for clear airways.  The anti-snoring pillow is designed to keep the head at a slight tilt backwards, which also opens up the air passages.

Choose your support level.  The Restore Pillow gives the user three different adjustable heights, which makes the pillow customizable for any user.  Simply remove one or two of the level inserts found inside the pillow to create a lower pillow that is comfortable for you.

Choose your neck support.  Remarkably, the user can also customize their optimum level of neck support by rotating the pillow by 180 degrees.  Each section provides a different level of support, which combines with the adjustable height to make a pillow that is truly customized to your needs.

Firm pillow material.  Many anti-snoring pillows are made from memory foam, which simply causes your head to sink in and does not create a great deal of support.  The Restore Anti-Snore Pillow is not large and bulky like many other options, and uses firmer materials to deliberately angle your head back to open the airways and provide extra support.

Ear wells.  Because the Restore pillow is designed for side sleepers, they have included a feature which is unique to this brand – ear wells.  Many side sleepers have experienced discomfort of having their ears crushed or twisted on a firm pillow, especially if the sleeper wears earrings to bed.  The four ear wells at each corner of the pillow create a space for the ear to comfortably rest.

Anti-wrinkle.  Angling your head forward during sleep creates creases in the skin around the neck, and sleeping on your side on a firm pillow can bunch the sensitive skin of your face.  When this pressure happens every night, wrinkles can form over time.  The ear wells reduce bunching of the skin around your face and neck, while the design of the backwards head tilt reduces wrinkles in the neck area over time.

Reduce pain.  Many sleepers wake up in the morning with neck, shoulder and back pain.  The most common cause of this pain is the unnatural alignment that their body naturally falls into while asleep.  The Restore pillow has been ergonomically designed to align your neck and head, which greatly reduces the strain on shoulders and back.  The reduction of snoring will naturally reduce throat pain commonly experienced by chronic snorers.

Better sleep.  Because this anti-snoring product offers comfort and correct alignment of the back and neck as well as a reduction in snoring, the user is more likely to experience a better quality of sleep than other competing brands that only address one issue.

Level Sleep Restore Anti-Snore Pillow

Using your pillow

This pillow is recommended for side and back sleepers – people who sleep on their stomach will most likely find this pillow unhelpful.  If you have a tendency to roll over or sleep restlessly, an extra pillow to support your back should help keep you in the optimum side-sleeping position.

The Restore Anti-Snore pillow is designed to replace your existing pillow.  The most technical aspect to setting up your pillow will be determining the optimum height for your personal comfort, and choosing between the two levels of firmness.

To change the height, simply remove one or two of the inserts found inside the pillow until you have the desired height.  To change to a different level of firmness, rotate the pillow 180 degrees.  You might need a few night’s use to determine what height and firmness you prefer.

The pillow is easy to clean and maintain.  The foam pillow and the inserts can be removed for cleaning.  The foam pillow and inserts should be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and left to thoroughly air dry.  The cover can be machine washed, but be sure to wash on the gentlest setting and avoid using bleach or fabric softener.  The cover can then be air dried, or you could tumble-dry on a low heat setting.

Clinical Data

Directly after trialing the basic idea, the founder of Level Sleep went directly to Stanford University to have the product clinically tested.

The studies showed that the Restore Anti-Snore Pillow reduced snoring by 78%, sleep apnea was reduced by 24%, and the duration of snoring was reduced by 86%.

Level Sleep went on to conduct two additional clinical studies and a biomechanical study, all which showed the anti-snoring product to be successful.  The Restore Pillow has also received FDA clearance.

Level Sleep products are recommended by medical professionals, including doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors and many others.  Level Sleep is very open about their clinical studies and the results they show, and produce a blog on their website that details interesting data about their products.

Pros and Cons


  • The product was created to address a personal need, which means the creator personally backs the product
  • Unique design and approach to reducing snoring
  • Aligns neck, back, and shoulders to reduce pain
  • Ergonomic support with a soft, comfortable center
  • Adjustable and customizable height and firmness
  • The head tilt is effective but almost unnoticeable
  • Ear wells help side-sleepers get more comfortable
  • Supported by numerous clinical trials and prestigious researchers
  • Backed by medical professionals
  • Made from high-quality materials, with all aspects of production located in the United States


  • Not designed for people who sleep on their stomach, or who toss and turn while asleep
  • Ear holes do not always line up if you move a lot during sleep
  • The small degree of head tilt might not be enough to correct serious snoring problems

My Experience

I ordered this pillow online, and was pleased to see it had free shipping and a money back guarantee.  I had 110 days to trial this product, which seems very generous and more than enough time to test if the pillow works.  The product shipped in reasonable time, especially seeing as they claim your order is “custom-made” before shipping.

When I received the pillow, I tested the different levels of height and the degrees of firmness.  I recommend taking some time out to get this stage right, as trying to adjust the pillow right before you go to sleep might be frustrating.  I ended up using the firmer neck support with one foam level removed from the pillow.

I do sometimes sleep on my stomach, so I positioned my old, regular pillow against my back to stay on my side.  I slept very well, with a definite reduction in snoring and I felt overall that the quality of sleep was better.  I found that I didn’t have to adjust to the pillow – in fact, I noticed that I had no neck pain when I woke up, which I often experience.

The pillow did tilt my head back, but it wasn’t enough to be uncomfortable, just a slight tilt that noticeably straightened my neck.  The pillow isn’t perfect – I found the ear wells didn’t always line up, if I did roll in my sleep it quickly became uncomfortable, and I’m not sure it would be suitable for very heavy snorers.  However, I did find the pillow worth using, and definitely noticed an improvement in my sleep quality and a reduction in neck pain.

Who is the Restore Anti-Snore Pillow Recommended For?

This anti-snore product is designed for people who sleep on their back and side.  It is especially aimed at people who experience neck or back pain after sleep.  Because of the adjustable heights, this pillow is suitable for a range of different body sizes and personal preferences.

While the pillow has shown a slight reduction in the symptoms of sleep apnea, if you have this condition always consult your doctor before making any changes to your sleep routine.

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Pricing and warranty

The Level Sleep Restore Anti-Snore Pillow retails on their website for $149 at the time of writing.  There are occasional coupons available that reduce the price.  The anti-snore product comes with free shipping included in the total.  The website accepts a range of payment options, including PayPal and even PayPal Credit which allows you to make interest-free repayments over 6 months (providing the whole amount is paid within the 6-month period). The warranty offers you a full refund or replacement in the case of any defects over three years, which is an extremely generous offer.

Level Sleep also offer a very competitive risk-free trial period.  Called the “No Pain Campaign”, the company give you 110 days starting from when you receive the product (shipped free) to trial the pillow.  If you do not notice an improvement in your quality of sleep, you can return it for a full refund.  You will even be end a free return label, so that they pay the return shipping.  Unlike some other products that include “restocking fees”, you can try this anti-snoring pillow completely risk free – you never pay any shipping, and you receive a 100% refund, no questions asked.


The Level Sleep Restore Anti-Snore Pillow is perfect for people who sleep on their side, especially if they experience neck, back or shoulder pain.  Clinically trialed and cleared by the FDA, this is a product with credentials that can be trusted.  The pillow can be customized and has several thoughtful design features that create a more comfortable, restful sleep.  While the pillow may not work for everyone, the completely risk-free trial makes it worth testing, particularly if you suffer from pain as well as snoring.

My Rating: 3.0

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