I’ve realized that no snoring remedy may ever be perfect. That doesn’t mean I stop trying new ones because there’s the possibility of finding the ideal solution for my unique situation.

And that’s why I needed to try MEDca nasal strips.

Not only does the design guarantee that most adults find them extremely comfortable and easy to fit but they have pores which allow your skin to breathe.

This is essential to limit skin irritation during the night, so you don’t wake often plagued by itchiness or see a heat rash in the morning.

While they’re still not perfect I was not disappointed when I first tried them—yes, they were comfortable even on night #1—so let me help you gauge whether they’re a viable option for you too.

What is MEDca?

MEDca Nasal Strips ReviewThe market has a wide range of nasal strips you can pick from, and the MEDca strips product is an affordable & comfortable option for consumers.

The strips are made of soft, flexible fabric that fits over the nose and stays in place thanks to the adhesive.

This is one of the unique brands that limit skin irritation thanks to the small vents in the fabric which allow the skin to breathe.

How Do Nasal Strips Work?

Why do you snore? In most cases, it’s because there isn’t enough space for air to move when you breathe while asleep.

When you fall asleep many parts of your body relax. This affects your throat—so air can’t easily pass through—and even your nose.

Allergies and swelling can also result in closed up nasal passages.

Luckily all you need is to lift up the sides of the nostrils and nasal passages. That’s what you need a nasal strip for:

  • The strip is fitted over the nose with a sticky side against the skin
  • The adhesive sticks to your skin when you bend it and stick it in place
  • When the strong, spring-like interior tries to return to its original—flat—position it lifts the nostrils and opens the nasal passages
  • The strip’s elasticity and adhesive must be strong enough to pull the nasal passage open without pulling loose from the skin.

As the passages open up more air can flow, and there will be less snoring because:

  • Air flows freely within the nose which means there’s no loud noises of air being pushed through small spaces
  • You can breathe through your nose, so there’s no need for air to push through the back of your throat and through your mouth. As these muscles often collapse while you’re asleep this kind of breathing also causes loud noises.

How Does MEDca Work?

How MEDca WorksThe MEDca way of getting this right uses the following:

  • Spring-like bands that pull your nose passages open
  • A soft, flexible fabric with adhesive at the back

This brand especially caters for sensitive skin as they’re not very hard to pull free of your skin in the morning.

They’re also effective to enhance normal breathing when you’re exercising or struggling with allergies that cause swelling in the nose.

Note that something like sweat can cause the sides to loosen quite quickly.

How to Use MEDca

When it’s time for bed you can attach your snoring remedy in a few moments:

  • Clean your skin, so the adhesive has the best possible chance of sticking well
  • Take a strip out of its packaging (each unit is separately packaged, so MEDca strips are very hygienic).
  • Peel off the back to reveal the adhesive.
  • Place it over your nose and rub it down firmly.

Now the strip will pull the sides of your nose as it attempts to flatten out again.

How is MEDca Different?

Here’s what’s so unique about MEDca: Instead of finding an ideal size which is often the case with nasal strips, there’s only one size in this brand.

This means you won’t waste money on picking the wrong size.

And don’t worry that it won’t fit. This design even fits large noses and is proven to fit 75% of adult noses.

User Experience

MEDca Nasal Strips UsingIn my extensive search for the ultimate anti-snoring remedies I’ve realized when it comes to nasal strips you need a few factors to work in your favor:

  • The adhesive must be suitable for your skin type
  • The tensile strength must be appropriate for how much assistance you need to breathe better
  • They must fit your nose size and shape

What I appreciate about these strips is that the company invested time to find a shape and design that work for most users. I’m one of the 75% of adults that find these really fit well so yes, they do work for me.

I did have a few occasions where the strips came loose sometime during the night. However, when I take the time to clean my skin with some alcohol swabs before I put these on they tend to hold throughout the night.

They’re also not the strongest strips I’ve ever tried as my snoring app on my mobile phone proves, but they do give some relief. And they’re extremely comfortable which means I don’t struggle to fall asleep at night.

What Consumers Say in a MEDca Nasal Strips Review

Mixed reviews regarding the My Snoring Solution anti-snoring deviceThe general feeling among consumers is also a mixture of these facts.

Many applaud the MEDca brand for the comfort of the strips, but some find they’re simply not strong enough to really give relief.

The strips don’t always lift the sides of the nose enough to really affect breathing.

This makes it a favorite of people who aren’t heavy snorers. The limited relief is still enough to improve sleep, but the user doesn’t feel much discomfort.

The same goes for the adhesive side since they only tend to work for a few hours, but then the strips become loose.

Of course, this will happen more with rough sleepers. For people with delicate skin, this is an advantage.

The skin won’t get hurt in the morning when the strips are pulled off.

With many of these nasal strips, people report losing some skin now and then. At least consumers now have an option of a less painful remedy.


This is one of the most affordable anti snoring options you’ll find. You can get your month’s strips of 30 units for only $5.99.

Of course, it’s a continual expense in contrast to units such as the MAD and TSD devices which only require once-off payments.

However, at such a low cost it’s still a viable option if you’re looking for a budget-friendly anti snoring remedy.

You’ll find them at this price on Amazon and also here.

Pros and Cons


  • Fits 75% of adult noses
  • Assists with both snoring and allergy problems
  • Pores help skin breathe; reduce itching
  • Very affordable


  • Not the strongest on the market
  • Adhesive doesn’t stick well on oily skin.


Here you have a comfortable nasal strip option that won’t take too long to get used to. Just remember that its effect is limited as it’s not the strongest strip on the market.

What’s more is that it’s affordable which makes it an accessible option for many consumers. Because it’s drug-free no one has to be concerned about side effects.

But there are better options if you’re a heavier snorer. For those instances, a MAD device or a TSD option will be more effective as various clinical trials have proven.

These devices also only require a once off monetary investment.

It’s up to you to find the remedy that counters your level of snoring and also affords you enough comfort at night.

Will you give MEDca a try?

My Rating: 3.2

Click Here to Access the Official MEDca Nasal Strips Website

Which Product Should I Buy?

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