One of the worst things about snoring is that it robs you of a good night’s sleep.  It’s important to start out by saying that MyPillow is not an anti-snoring solution on its own.

However, what it can do is help you sleep soundly without the issues that other pillows can cause, and combined with another anti-snoring solution, you could be on your way to the best sleep of your life.

About the Company

Mike Lindell, Inventor, Manufacturer, and CEO of MyPillow®

Mike Lindell, Inventor Of MyPillow®

MyPillow was created by a man who was frustrated by the limitations of other pillows.

Even when he found a comfortable pillow, it didn’t take long before it had deflated and changed shape, often straining his neck and back in the process.

The creator, Mike Lindell, tested more than 90 combinations of fills, shapes, and exteriors before he produced the MyPillow.

Lindell is passionate about his product, and it has appeared in many different forms of advertising including infomercials, TV, and radio.

A Closer Look at The Product

MyPillow is not just a better-than-average pillow, or a comfortable pillow to rest your head.  It has actually been made the official pillow of the National Sleep Foundation, which means that it’s not only rated highly by its creator and the many positive reviewers who have tried it.

The pillow has anti-microbial properties and is non-allergenic, which is great for an item you rest your head on every night.  The pillow also stays cool throughout the night, letting air circulate better than traditional ones.

The MyPillow is made in the USA, which is great for people wanting to support national industries.  It can be machine-washed, which I think is a very important feature in a household item you use every night.  It has a very generous warranty period of 10 years; as well as a sixty day, no questions asked refund policy.

How Is It Different

MyPillow is mostly targeted towards sleepers who have neck or back pain during or after sleep.  It’s not a nice experience to start your day with pain, and this pillow helps change all that.  After a lot of testing, its creator finally settled on an interlocking fill.

The filling of the pillow is actually made from small foam pieces that lock together to support your head and neck, no matter how you move at night.

The shape of the fill helps support your head in a natural position, regardless of how you sleep at night.  The pillow is also customizable based on your size and personal preference.  The pillow can be purchased in three different fill levels – yellow, white and green.

A custom fitting guide is included on the website.  However, if you choose to buy it on another site, you may only have the option of “firm” and “medium,” which would presumably match a white and a green level of fill.

As well as your preferred level of pillow fill, you can choose a standard or king-sized pillow.  Instead of requiring a special pillowcase that needs to be bought specially to fit MyPillow, the manufacturers recommend any high-quality, pure cotton pillowcase with an open end.

How to Use The MyPillow

The MyPillow is very simple to use, as on the surface level it’s just a basic pillow.

You should find a cotton pillowcase to match the size you bought, but a pillow protector is not recommended.

Aside from not being necessary (as the pillow already has built-in anti-microbial properties), the pillow is very easy to wash in a machine, and you can even use your dryer to dry it, so you shouldn’t need a protector anyway.

My Experience

I ordered the pillow in a medium (white) size off the MyPillow website.  It arrived quickly, and I had a pillowcase ready to go so I could use it that night.  After taking it from the packet, I could definitely feel that the filling was made of small, separate pieces of foam.  It did feel lumpy, although the lumps were very soft.

I knew that this pillow wasn’t going to help me with my snoring, so I used my usual anti-snoring MAD along with the pillow.  My usual pillow had been getting a bit flat, and I was finding that I woke with very tight muscles across my shoulders as well as some neck pain.  I put my head on the pillow, and – it was very, very comfortable.

I could feel the pieces moving around to support my head and neck as I moved myself.  It was such a nice surface to sleep on, and on a very hot night, I really noticed how pleasantly cool the pillow was.

I woke up feeling very refreshed, still with tight shoulders but with no neck pain.  On using the pillow for the rest of the week, my shoulder muscles loosened up as well.  This product costs more than I would normally consider paying for a standard pillow, but after the trial, I have to say that it’s worth the extra money.

Price and Warranty Review

The MyPillow website is geared towards encouraging you to buy more than one pillow at a time.  Single pillows start from $79.98.

Their site has many offers and pack discounts (buy four at a time for example).  I thought there were definitely some good deals on there.

The pillows come with an amazing 10-year limited warranty on workmanship and defects.  That includes if the pillow goes flat during that period – it doesn’t matter how many times you wash or dry it; the pillow will keep its shape.

If it doesn’t, or you experience another issue, you can get your pillow replaced for another pillow of equal or greater value.

The trial period goes for 60 days, and if you don’t like the pillow enough to keep it, you can return it and receive your money back.

Keep a close eye on the fine print if you’re considering taking this option, as some companies have specific requirements on how to return things in order to qualify.

Pros and Cons


  • Helps relieve pain.  The pillow supports your head and neck, so it sits in proper alignment, which relieves the strain on your neck and back.
  • Adjusts as you move.  The shape of the filling means you continue to get that support, even if you toss and turn.
  • Won’t go flat.  The pillow is designed never to go flat, which means you won’t have to replace it frequently.
  • Anti-microbes and non-allergenic.  Great for allergy sufferers and people who want a hygienic pillow.
  • Made locally.  MyPillow is manufactured in the USA, creating jobs and ensuring a high-quality product.
  • Options for comfort.  Choose the pillow height that’s right for you for added comfort.
  • Cooling.  On a hot night, a cool pillow is extra comfortable.  The spacing of the pillow’s fill allows it to feel cool at all times.
  • Machine wash and dry.  Being able to machine-wash the pillow makes it so much more versatile, and it won’t affect your warranty.  The site says you don’t have to worry about over-drying either.


  • Not anti-snoring.  The first issue with this pillow is that it won’t help with your snoring.  That’s not a problem if you’re just looking for a great pillow, but if you need help to reduce your snoring, you should look at another product.
  • Expensive for a pillow.  If you think of it as an ordinary pillow, it is quite expensive.  If you think of it as a sleeping aid that has been endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation, it’s worth the price.
  • Lumps.  I loved the way the pillow felt, but I can guess that not everyone would feel the same.  It’s not lumpy in the traditional, uncomfortable sense – but if you’re used to sleeping on feathers, you can feel the pieces of soft foam.


The value of this pillow comes from what you’re looking for.  If you want an anti-snoring solution, then you should consider other options.

However, even people who have their snoring reduced by a great product can need help with a comfortable pillow that can correct neck and back pain.

If that is you, I would definitely recommend this product.

It works on all the practical levels – easy to find pillowcases, easy to keep clean, won’t need replacing within a month or two.

It would easily combine with most snoring solutions to give you even more benefits. It also just helps you actually look forward to going to bed, which neck pain can prevent.

For a pillow that is well designed, comfortable and can even help you reduce your pain, you should definitely give MyPillow a try and see if it can help you to get the best rest possible.

My Rating: 3.1

Click Here to Access the Official MyPillow Website

Which Product Should I Buy?

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