The Noiselezz is a currently marketed anti-snoring mouthpiece that is available for sale online. It is an oral appliance of the mandibular advancement type (MAD), developed in Denmark and designed for easy use.

Adjustments and fittings are generally unnecessary for this product, as it is designed to fit into your mouth, right out of the box.
This appliance is designed to increase the cross-sectional area of your airways located behind your tongue, by moving the lower mandible (i.e. your lower jaw) slightly forward, and holding it in position while you sleep.

Thus, your airway remains open during sleep, and air can flow unobstructed to your lungs. Your tissue no longer vibrates because of restricted airways and the snoring sound is eliminated.

Getting Acquainted

Noiselezz comes packed in flat form. After removing it from the box, the two sides are folded together and inserted into your mouth. The lower tray is designed to protrude outward, slightly beyond the upper tray, shifting your lower mandible (jaw) and tongue forward. This widens the airways and prevents snoring.

The product is available in three styles:

The first is the standard Noiselezz product.

This is contrasted by Noiselezz II which was modified slightly with the objective of keeping the device firmly in your mouth while you sleep at night.

The second model is described as “extra strength” because it is built stronger than the original.

This gives it a bit more sturdiness, helping maintain your jaw in the forward position. It sells for only a few more dollars than the standard model.

The third type is the Noiselezz PS version, which utilizes “Reciprocal Press Distribution Technology”.

This model is designed to shift pressure away from your lower incisors, as well as from your top teeth. This redistribution of pressure is meant to prevent the user from experiencing achiness and sore teeth. This seems to be similar to the SnoreMender’s “Pressure Shift” technology which also redistributes pressure away from the lower teeth to prevent aching.

How It Works

This product is made from a single piece of soft material, constructed out of pliable medical plastic. As such, adjustments can be made by the wearer if necessary and the product can be trimmed for a better fit. Remember that this device is not manufactured as an adjustable MAD so you do not want to tamper with the lower jaw advancement or the upper tray. You should also not reposition the appliance by heating the hinges.

However, in case the product does not fit well around your teeth (e.g. if you have crooked or misaligned teeth) you can reform the area that is causing discomfort by immersing that portion of the device in warm water for 5 to 10 seconds (Do not immerse in boiling water. Maximum temperature of 73 degrees Celsius or 163 degrees Fahrenheit).

General instructions can be found here.

This MAD can be worn with dentures if the user can get a good comfortable fit. However, it should not be worn by children who are still growing.

Keep in mind that it can take some time to acclimate oneself to the appliance, and you may experience slight soreness in your jaw and teeth when starting out. This typically disappears after a few days. It may be helpful to acquaint yourself to the appliance during the day while watching television or reading a book. This can help avoid potential irritation when trying to fall asleep.

Note that after a certain amount of use the hinges on the appliance can become relaxed and lose their springiness. If this occurs, strengthen the hinges by bathing the product in warm water. It should regain its elasticity very quickly.

How Does this MAD Stand Apart?

One major difference between this appliance and other anti-snoring devices is that Noiselezz is designed for use right out of the box. In this regard, it’s similar to ZQuiet. There is no “boil and bite” and no molding requirement of any kind. It is made ready to wear, however, make sure to give it a quick rinse after removing it from its packaging.

Similar to how ZQuiet is designed with “hinge technology”, this appliance utilizes a spring hinge, helping it stand apart from many other anti-snoring pieces. Because of this hinge, it can exist as a single unit.

This allows you to talk while the appliance in your mouth, as well as breath through your nose and mouth, as you normally would. The device allows for the free movement of your jaw, because of minimal restriction when wearing the product.

What Will It Cost Me?

pricingThe standard model sells for $58.56. Noiselezz II costs $65.07 and the PS model is priced at $53.95. This does not include the cost of shipping, which is a flat rate of $7.50. This appliance is well priced when compared to other MAD products.

However, keep in mind that many other MADs claim to last longer.

All models can be purchased through their North American distributor, Therapy Control Products Inc.  They offer a money back 45-day warranty.

About the Company

diligenceNatashia Ingemarsson manufactured the Noiselezz product in Denmark. The company is located in Valby, Denmark, a district of Copenhagen.

The North American distributor is Therapy Control Products Inc. located in Alberta, Canada.

This company is not a BBB accredited business and their products are not FDA cleared.

Pros and Cons

  • The simplistic design. It is also less invasive than many other MADs.
  • As an uncomplicated product, it should be easy to clean. Cleaning should be done after every use.
  • Although this MAD is not adjustable, it can be tweaked somewhat for a better fit.
  • Their “spring hinge” allows for unhindered speech and breathing.
  • No “boil and bite” and no molding required.
  • The PS model distributes pressure away from your lower incisors and top teeth, which is meant to reduce aching and sore teeth. This is also found in SnoreMender, but not in ZQuiet.
  • This product is priced well for MADs of similar design.
  • A 45-day warranty is offered. 30 days is most common with other MAD brands.
  • Too little is known about this company. Some other anti-snoring companies seem to be more transparent with more information available about their products.
  • The lifespan of this appliance is between 9 and 12 months, which is less than other hinged design MADs. ZQuiet and SnoreMender are also hinged designed but offer a lifespan of 12-24 months.
  • A research article titled “Does the oral device Noiselezz prevent sleep apnoea?” was authored by Anne Kari Borgersenfrom in Acta Oto-Laryngologica which is a peer-reviewed medical journal. The abstract states that “The aim of this study was to determine the effect of Noiselezz, which is an oral appliance of the mandibular advancing type, designed for easy use.” The abstract concludes that “Most patients found the oral device “Noiselezz” inconvenient to use, and our results show that the device has little or no effect on snoring and sleep apnoea.” Read more here.
  • Not FDA cleared.

Final Thoughts

choiceThis MAD seems to be a good product. However, I find it hard to recommend because of its disadvantages, despite the fact that it is not without its advantages. I should note that the PS model seems similar to the SnoreMender in many ways.

And if you plan on purchasing this device, I would urge you to opt for the PS version, since it offers the “Pressure Shift” technology and it only costs a few more dollars.

In comparing products, I would recommend ZQuiet. It offers a similar hinge, and although the pricing is a bit higher, it should last longer. Unlike Noiselezz which is a non-U.S. made product that is not FDA cleared, ZQuite is made in the U.S.A. by a BBB accredited company. It is FDA cleared and designated as a class II medical device. ZQuiet remains one of my top picks for anti-snoring devices.

My Rating: 3.5

Click Here to Access the Official Noiselezz Website

Which Product Should I Buy?

questionEvery person has a unique mouth and different needs for their particular snoring, so one that is perfect for one person, may not be the best option for another.

With well over 100 products on the market it can obviously be quite daunting to decide, “Which one?”

To help ease the decision process I have created a comparison chart where you can effortlessly assess each product and its features, price, pros and cons. I have also written several detailed reviews for those devices that I believe to be leading products.

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