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Snoremeds Mouthpiece Review: A Quality I Would Recommend

The Snoremeds anti-snoring device is marketed as not only one of “the most popular snoring mouthpieces worldwide”, but also as “the most effective product with the best results to stop snoring”. Suffice to say, I was eager to try it, and wondered how exactly it measured up

SnoreMender PS Review: How Does it Measure Up to Others?

With so many anti-snoring mouthpieces on the market, trying to decide which one to buy can be challenging. This is especially true if you have never worn one before and are not quite sure what features you should be looking for. One of the products you may

Kudo SnoreFighter Now Review: Is it Really 93% Effective?

Kudo SnoreFighter Now is marketed as being 93 percent effective. This is a pretty impressive number, but is it actually true? There are a lot of anti-snoring dental devices on the market that also claim to be effective, but that does not mean they all are. Whether

SnorBan Review: A solution to snore problems at an affordable price?

SnorBan is a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) which aids in reducing and eliminating snoring and helps to increase the quality of your sleep. It is light, durable and can be bought without a prescription. This device is one of the cheaper mouthpiece options available on the market,

Snore Eliminator Mouthpiece Review: How Effective is It?

The Snore Eliminator is marketed as being the most effective snoring mouthpiece on the planet. It is said to be 93 percent effective, which is pretty impressive, and perhaps a little unbelievable, considering most devices have an effectiveness percent rating in the mid-80s. So, is it really

PureSleep Mouthguard Review: Is it Worth Considering?

PureSleep is a mandibular advancement device, more commonly referred to as an MAD. It has been designed to hold your jaw in a forward position while you sleep, thereby keeping your airway free of obstruction. You may not know it, but that snoring sound is created through

Ripsnore Mouthpiece Review: A Closer Look

The company Ripsnore was created in 2009 by David Colin Campbell, who is also the director of the company. It can be purchased online in Australia, the UK, Canada, and the USA. It is also the only Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) sold at chemists and pharmacies in Australia

SnoreMate Mouthpiece Review: Is it an Effective Snoring Solution?

Choosing from the many snoring solutions available can be a pretty overwhelming decision. If you have worn a mandibular advancement device before then you are familiar with how these products work. If this is all new to you, rest-assured that out are not alone. Every day folks

A Thorough Review of SleepPro Custom Mouthpiece

If you have explored the selection of available mandibular advancement devices then you may have already stumbled across the original SleepPro Standard appliance. The SleepPro Custom is an upgraded version of this product. If you are newly being introduced to this product line then you should know

Learn All About SleepPro SFA Through this Review

SleepPro SFA is the latest anti-snoring device from SleepPro and MEDiTAS. The acronym stands for “self-fit adjustable,” and the device essentially wraps the best qualities of the manufacturer’s other two popular mouthpieces into one unique version. Like SleepPro Standard and SleepPro Custom, the SFA version is a

An Unbiased SnoreDoc Mouthpiece Review

The Original SnoreDoc is marketed as “the best anti-snoring device.” Of course, if you have lived with snoring a while and have tried other products or explored your options you have probably heard other manufacturers claim to be the best solution, too. So, you are probably wondering

SleepPro Easifit Review: Does it Really Stop Snoring?

SleepPro Easifit is the flagship product for the company by the same name. Although there are now Custom and SFA versions, this review is solely for the original mouthpiece. SleepPro Easifit is classified as a mandibular advancement device, which means that it is designed to hold your

ProSnore II: A Closer Look with an Honest Review

ProSnore Original and ProSnore II  have been discontinued by manufacturer and no longer available.  I have found some excellent alternatives to both Prosnore products. The one that really stands out based on my personal experience is Good Morning Sleep Solution, also known as GMSS. It is a

Learn All About SomnoGuard AP in an Unbiased Review

SomnoGuard AP is a mandibular advancement device that helps you stop snoring by holding your jaw in a forward position. In doing this your airway widens and remains clear of obstructions while you sleep. This eliminates the vibration of muscles and soft tissues that cause snoring. It

ProSnore Review: How Effective is it to Stop Snoring?

ProSnore Original and ProSnore II have been discontinued by manufacturer and no longer available. I have found some excellent alternatives to both Prosnore products. The one that really stands out based on my personal experience is Good Morning Sleep Solution, also known as GMSS. It is a

An Unbiased Review of aveoTSD: Is It the Right Mouthpiece for You?

Although most snorers turn to mandibular advancement devices to help them stop snoring, tongue stabilizing devices are gaining popularity. Rather than holding the jaw in a forward position, these products work by holding the tongue, so it cannot fall back towards the throat. The AveoTSD is a

Therasnore Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece – An in-depth review

You might have come across the Therasnore while researching different types of MADs (Mandibular Advancement Device) to try. The Therasnore is marketed as one of the most popular mouthpieces in the world and the company is not afraid to boast this claim on their website. The company

Does the SnoreWizard have a solution for your snoring problem?

Built under the MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) guidelines, the SnoreWizard is a standard anti-snoring mouthpiece. It works by pushing your lower jaw slightly upwards while sleeping to allow the air to easily pass through your mouth. The device is made from a soft plastic material, which does

ZYPPAH? Is it the answer to your snoring? Yes!

The ZYPPAH (pronounced Zee-Pah) is a relatively new type of Mandibular Advancement Device or MAD, firstly because of the way it looks, and secondly because of the approach it uses to reduce or even stop snoring. Unlike the majority of anti-snoring products available on the market today

SnoreMedic Mouthpiece Review

The SnoreMedic is like so many other mouthpieces I have tested and is classified as a Mandibular Advancement Device (MADs) that holds the lower jaw forward. The SnoreMedic resembles a sports mouthguard and is made from a type of transparent thermoplastic that is designed to mold to