SleepPro Easifit is the flagship product for the company by the same name. Although there are now Custom and SFA versions, this review is solely for the original mouthpiece.

SleepPro Easifit is classified as a mandibular advancement device, which means that it is designed to hold your jaw in a forward position.

By doing this, it allows your airway to remain free of the obstruction that would be created if your jaw was permitted to fall towards your throat as your muscles relax.

About the Company

diligenceSince 1998, SleepPro and MEDiTAS have had a partnership, focusing on sleep diagnostics and treatment of snoring and other sleeping disorders. The company is based out of Winchester, United Kingdom, but has distribution centers through the United States, Europe, and Australia.

According to SleepPro’s official website, at least 53 percent of its sales come from the United States, with Australia close behind at 25 percent. Since there are so many distribution centers, the company is able to ship to international countries without outrageous shipping charges.

A Closer Look

SleepPro Easifit is quite similar to many other MADs on the market, but it does also have a distinguishing characteristic that allows it to stand out in the crowd. It has two large air ports to make it easy for mouth breathing.

Now, if you have not tried other MADs yet then you might not understand why this is important or if it is even a feature you should care much about. Well, if you are a mouth breather then this feature will be very important to you.

Many MADs have no air holes, which forces you to breathe through your nose. There are also some that have a tiny hole but it is not significant enough to allow air to flow freely. It is essentially like trying to get all of your oxygen through a straw.

If you have sinus issues, a deviated septum, nasal polyps, etc., then using a product that restricts airflow can be incredibly dangerous. SleepPro Easifit has large breathing holes, thereby allowing for unrestricted airflow.

Like other MADs, SleepPro Easifit uses a boil-and-bite method to create a custom fit. If you are worried about not getting the fit precise on the first try, don’t be. SleepPro states that it can be molded over and over, but by the fourth or fifth time the mouthpiece will become a little less malleable.

How to Customize SleepPro Easifit

If you have worn MADs before then you will be no stranger to the boil-and-bite technique. It can be a little intimidating at first, but after you do it the first time you see just how easy it is to really get a nice custom fit using this method. The process is as follows:

  • Bring a couple of cups of water to a boil.
  • Remove from the heat and pour into a coffee mug or small bowl. Allow it to cool for about one minute.
  • Place the mouthpiece in the water, allowing it to be fully submerged for two minutes. This will soften the material.
  • Using a spoon, remove it from the water.
  • Insert the device into your mouth and bite into it while your lower jaw is slightly projected. Hold this position briefly so the material can start to harden in the shape of your jaw.
  • Remove from your mouth, and place in ice water to cool down and speed up the hardening process.
  • Take out the air hole retainer and check the fit. When your mouth is closed, your jaw should be held forward. If you are not happy with the fit then boil more water and repeat the process.

My Experience

Like many other mouthpieces that I have tried, I gave SleepPro Easifit a full two-week trial period. When it arrived in the mail, I did the boil-and-bite technique right away, so it would be ready at bedtime.

The first time I put it in my mouth and lied down I was surprised at how effortless it was to breathe. The two air ports really do make a huge difference. I also noticed that it felt comfortable. I started to drool, but I usually do with a new mouthpiece. I fell right to sleep while my wife stayed up and read a while like she usually does. She is the one who always gives me the honest feedback on the anti-snoring products I try.

In the morning I felt well-rested, which was a good sign. I rinsed and put away my SleepPro Easifit and went downstairs to see what my wife had to say. The smile on her face said enough; she got a good night’s rest because the device actually worked.

Using the SleepPro Easifit rd quickly became part of my normal routine over the next two weeks. I even broke out my trusty recorder a few nights to see if it would capture any snoring that my wife might have slept through. Upon reviewing the playbacks, I did not hear one peep.

Price Review

pricingSleepPro Easifit is less expensive than many other options. It costs $49.99 for one, but you can add on a second one for $20. This is a good deal because mouthpieces don’t last forever.

The manufacturer states that this oral device lasts approximately six months, but results can vary from one user to another. So, if you get two for $69.99, and they last you about a year between them both, it is a pretty good deal. Shipping is $10.25, which is also reasonable.

SleepPro Easifit also comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee, so if you are unhappy you can return it, and all you spent was shipping charges.

Should You Buy It?

choiceSleepPro and MEDiTAS managed to create an affordable product that is quite comfortable to wear. As for effectiveness, in my experience, I found it to do as it says. There are also plenty of other reviews that state that SleepPro Easifit helped them stop snoring.

You really cannot beat the price, and with the money back guarantee it makes it an ideal option to at least try an MAD. The air holes are a definite standout feature that anyone who breathes through their mouth will appreciate.

You can expect the device to feel awkward in your mouth in the beginning, and there will likely be some discomfort. However, in most cases, the soreness will go away when your muscles get used to being held in a different position. The mouthpiece is smooth, so there are no sharp edges to irritate your gums.

If you already know that an MAD will work for you, or if you want to skip this stepping stone and try a mouthpiece that is a little more advanced, then I recommend VitalSleep. It also utilizes the boil-and-bite technique and has a  air hole to allow for unrestricted breathing. VitalSleep is made of DuPont thermoplastic that is BPA-free and latex-free.

Its unique design allows for micro-adjustment and side-to-side jaw movement, which increases comfort level. It is made in the USA, FDA-cleared, and backed by a money back guarantee. The price is $59.95 for one device or $99.95 ($49.97 per item) for two devices free worldwide shipping and 1-year of free replacements, including shipping.

My Rating: 3.5

Click Here to Access the Official SleepPro Easifit Website

Which Product Should I Buy?

questionEvery person has a unique mouth and different needs for their particular snoring, so one that is perfect for one person, may not be the best option for another.

With well over 100 products on the market it can obviously be quite daunting to decide, “Which one?”

To help ease the decision process I have created a comparison chart where you can effortlessly assess each product and its features, price, pros and cons. I have also written several detailed reviews for those devices that I believe to be leading products.

If you would rather not spend a lot of time reading reviews, please take a look at the article linked here: My Mouthpiece Recommendation. It’s a list of three products which I believe, based on my extensive experience, are the best options available to people who suffer from snoring.