An often-overlooked major health problem, snoring can affect your quality of life, health and energy levels.

The SnoreCare team created a way to handle snoring, unlike other snoring solutions you may have come across, such as MADs (Mandibular Advancement Device) or TSDs (Tongue Stabilizing Device).

Unlike nasal strips, which are placed on the outside of your nostrils, these are placed inside.

A Closer Look at The Product 

The SnoreCare brand attempts to curb snoring by helping to open up your nasal passages.

Some people might use or see the term ‘nasal snoring,’ but this is actually an incorrect description.

Snoring never really happens in your nose; however, having a blocked nasal passage could cause the air flow to be restricted in the nose and thus create snoring.

I have allergies, and sometimes my nose is blocked due to them, which then forces me to breathe through my mouth.

When I breathe, air is forced to move into my throat, and due to the back of my throat collapsing, this pressure thus creates snoring.

Wearing the vents are easy, you simply slip them inside your nasal passages when you go to bed.

They’re soft but strong enough to keep their form even with your nasal passages pressing from the outside.  Now air can move freely in and out of your nasal cavity.


Snorecare Specifications

 The small tubes are made of silicone, and the brand includes different sizes in each pack, so you can test them out & find the perfect one.

The medical grade silicon is formed into two small tubes. Use the singular ones—one for each nasal passage—or the model with two cylinders connected by a small silicone arch.  I preferred these because it makes for easy extraction.

I also knew there’s no way they could get stuck, which made me relax more and sleep the first night soundly I used them.

The silicone is BPA free, so there are no health concerns in using these.

They’re so small that they won’t be seen while inserted in your nose. On the outside of the tubes, you’ll see non-slip function strips.

These give the exterior walls of the tube some grip against the inside of your nose, so they won’t easily slip out during the night.

Here’s the challenge I found: You need a size that’s big enough, so they won’t fall out, but still small enough to not feel uncomfortable.

This is tricky because the smaller (more comfortable) sizes often don’t afford enough space for easy breathing.

I do love the brand’s practical approach because you get a small travel container to keep them safe, dry and clean wherever you go.

When you insert these for the first time, you’ll immediately pick up on a minty smell. I know this prevents the unwanted plastic or silicone odors, but not all of us like the smell of mint.

It didn’t bother me, but consider this before trying these, although this smell is bound to disappear over time.

Are These Nose Vents for Sleep Apnea Too?

Since OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) happens when the throat collapses, these can definitely help.

However, Central Sleep Apnea which relates to the brain’s respiratory control center can’t be cured by using these exterior devices.

How is It Different?

Firstly, you won’t find many anti snoring items that are so covert.  I love that no-one notices when I wear these.

This is much different than:

  • Mouthpieces that prevent you from speaking while in bed with your partner. These always feel abnormal while SnoreCare vents don’t cause much discomfort as long as I use the right size.
  • Other nasal dilators that protrude from your nose. I never wear those when I have to share space with others (for example during a business trip with colleagues). We all prefer keeping this aspect of our lives private, don’t we?
  • They’re non-invasive and much better than wearing devices—such as jaw straps—that could feel hot and sweaty or uncomfortable.

My Experience

While it does look like a great invention to fix snoring, it did not work for me as well as I had hoped.  I found that the sizing was slightly off – which could be due to how small my nose is.

But this level of customization I think would not only be a problem for me, but others as well.  There was also a minty aroma that I found irritated my nostrils a bit on the product.

There was no pain in wearing them, and they did not look as ‘strange’ as mouthpieces I normally wear.  (finally, I did not look like an alien to my wife!).

The most important conclusion, was that I did find that it helped my snoring.  When I woke up, they were hanging out slightly, but I woke up feeling refreshed which means I had not snored and slept well.

My wife had also confirmed that she had heard no snoring from me.

User Reviews

Mixed reviews regarding the My Snoring Solution anti-snoring deviceI agree with satisfied users that pushed this onto Amazon’s list of “Amazon’s Choice” products. These work and they’re worth trying even if other devices haven’t worked for you.

Based on many reviews I found online and combining them with my personal testing of the devices, these may be a good option to curb snoring.

They also tick all the boxes of being inconspicuous methods of dealing with a very private problem. That’s something I haven’t found an alternative for yet.

I believe they work better for light snorers. The MAD (mandibular advancement devices) are more effective for heavy snorers.

Will They Work for You?

When using these quite a few of your senses are affected, so make sure these features won’t make them more of a bother than a solution:

  • You need to find a size that’s large enough to sit tightly, otherwise, it won’t form large enough passages to curb snoring. However, since each person is unique, the size that prevents snoring may cause some discomfort.
  • They are known to fall out at times. This usually happens if you’re a rough sleeper.
  • As mentioned above the minty smell isn’t to everyone’s taste.
  • Your sleep won’t completely be without sound. The air flowing through the silicone channels will create noise, but this is far better than snoring, so your partner’s sleep will immediately benefit too.

Price and Warranty 

At $19.99 this technology isn’t too expensive, especially because your package contains:

  • The travel case for free
  • Various sizes so you won’t accidentally purchase the wrong units
  • Different designs so you can try them out and find the ideal one

I also prefer this once-off investment instead of buying disposable units that incur running costs.

Pros and Cons


  • Provided travel case included with purchase
  • Different sizes available to cater for everyone
  • Can barely be seen when inserted
  • Safe to use (BPA free silicone)
  • Once off expense


  • Rough sleepers’ vents tend to fall out during the night
  • Slight discomfort at times
  • Minty smell can bother some people
  • Not dynamic for heavy snorers


This is an effective anti-snoring device, but it is not a universal solution.

I liked the fact that it was non-invasive and safe to use, but I found after trying it out it was not the right choice for a heavy snorer such as myself.

Even in clinical studies MADs and TSDs (tongue stabilizing devices) are proven to be more effective.

I believe they are worth a try for those who have smaller nasal passages, they have the potential to work really well.

My Rating: 3.8

Click Here to Access the Official SnoreCare Nose Vents Website

Which Product Should I Buy?

questionEvery person has a unique mouth and different needs for their particular snoring, so one that is perfect for one person, may not be the best option for another.

With well over 100 products on the market it can obviously be quite daunting to decide, “Which one?”

To help ease the decision process I have created a comparison chart where you can effortlessly assess each product and its features, price, pros and cons. I have also written several detailed reviews for those devices that I believe to be leading products.

If you would rather not spend a lot of time reading reviews, please take a look at the article linked here: My Mouthpiece Recommendation. It’s a list of three products which I believe, based on my extensive experience, are the best options available to people who suffer from snoring.