If you really dread wearing that nose strip or mouth guard at night, I may have some good news for you. Your snoring could be countered with something as simple as a lubricant.

Yes, this sounded like an excellent idea to me too which is why I tried Snoreeze Throat Spray.  I still use my other anti-snoring products, which work well, but I am always looking for a new solution that can be rotated in with my regular products.

A Closer Look at The Product 

Your snoring is the result of air being forced through small, tight spaces in your throat or nasal passages. When the air passes through these smaller spaces, they cause vibrations, which in turn cause the snoring sound.  With air rushing by parts of your throat vibrate, and these movements cause quite a noise.

It can also happen because your throat tenses up when you sleep (also creating this smaller space for air to pass through).

The science behind Snoreeze Throat Spray is that if these vibrating parts are lubricated and less tense, they won’t create the snoring noise.  Think of Snoreeze metaphorically as oiling the squeaky parts of your automobile, Snoreeze as a throat lubricant helps to relax and lubricate your throat.

How Does Snoreeze Work?

Firstly, I wanted to know what made this liquid so great.  And I was quite impressed with the range of natural ingredients:

  • Olive oil which is a great lubricant and healthy to ingest
  • Sunflower oil
  • Almond oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Purified water
  • Soy lecithin
  • Peppermint oil which was a bit concerning to me since I’m one of the few people who don’t like the smell (I also know people who have an intolerance for this oil)
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B6

Despite the peppermint flavor, it seemed to be a good mix. I didn’t want to pummel my body with unnatural agents that I most likely would have allergic reactions to. This combination seemed safe enough to try.

The bottle deposits this combination of lubricants in a fine mist on your throat’s soft palate and uvula.

The natural ingredients are supposed to lubricate and relax these parts, so there is less vibration when you sleep.

How to Use Snoreeze Throat Spray

How to Use Snoreeze Throat Spray

When you apply any medicine or liquid, the application is as important as the product itself.  To get the most out of Snoreeze, I’ve found the brand’s directions should be followed to the letter:

  • Always shake the bottle before use
  • The bottle’s arm should be extended at a 90° angle
  • Aim it at the back of your throat and deposit three sprays, which is enough to lubricate the tissue in most people’s throats

Note: It’s vital you don’t eat after you applied Snoreeze. Swallowing and the friction can mitigate the effects of the liquid.

How Is It Different?

Up to date, I’ve tried quite a few products, and I’m well aware of nasal spray products.  I will say that I prefer spraying something into my throat rather than spraying into my nasal passages.

I’ve also found nasal sprays often work for congestion or snoring caused by colds and allergies, but not necessarily general snoring.

Other throat sprays are on the market, but this is the first truly natural one I’ve come across, which prompted me to try it out.

Of course, a spray is far removed from the other wearable, and devices snorers often try (of which a few are dynamic):

  • Mouthguards
  • Nose strips
  • Chin straps

These do alleviate snoring by opening my airways and regulating proper breathing through the mouth. But I do wish I can find something that doesn’t necessitate me wearing something to bed. It’s not romantic, and it’s embarrassing when you share your sleeping space with a significant other.

With a throat lubrication spray, no one has to see you using it, the odor is the same you can get from toothpaste, and if I keep it beside my bed, I don’t even have to get up to apply it.

A huge attraction can be the natural elements in Snoreeze.  Users with health problems or allergies are less likely to experience side effects compared to using medication or chemicals.

My Experience

So, does this work?

One of my favorite ways to monitor my snoring is with my Smartphone app.  With this, I saw an increase in sleep and a change in the amount of snoring the app identified.

What’s great about this product is that—unlike with some wearables such as nose strips—it doesn’t take a while to get used to it or for it to start working (or not working at all).

Whether you like the taste or not you’ll see the effects on the first night. For me, there was a noticeable change but note that I’m a medium-light snorer.

From reading feedback of other users, I’ve seen it works, but not always. Heavy snorers tend to get a little relief—or their partners do—but the noise doesn’t disappear altogether.

Some found slight side effects such as the liquid making their throats sore or even affecting their sleep negatively. Since each person reacts differently, even to natural products, this is a possibility and only a trial period will tell in which group you fall.

The brand states that it works for a full eight hours, but there have been occasions that I sleep well for most of the night and then snore myself awake in the early hours of the morning. I wish they could make the substance slightly more potent or find a way to make it stick to your throat throughout the night.

What Consumers Are Saying

You’ll get a sure following for this product since it stopped some people’s snoring completely and helped their partners get sleep for the first time in a long while. People also tend to enjoy the taste.

However, it’s not a 100% guaranteed remedy. Consumers complain of it working only some nights, while others say it’s ineffective for heavy snoring. Of course—like me—some people don’t like the mint flavor.

A handy side effect is that it can help for sore throats so keep it around even if it doesn’t help for your snoring. An unfortunate side effect is that it can cause insomnia.

With such varying feedback only trying it will prove if it will work for you.

Price and Warranty 

Personally, I wish the brand sells this product in larger quantities. You get 23.5ml in a bottle, which they say is enough for 50 applications. In my experience—and according to other consumers—it doesn’t last for a full 50 nights.

You pay $17.17 for this bottle on Amazon. You can also buy directly from the brand and some retailers (mostly chemists). It’s on the pricey side when it comes to anti-snoring remedies, especially because you have to spend money every few weeks.

Another issue I found with the Snoreeze is that while most anti-snoring products come with some kind of guarantee, I could not find any information on a warranty or guarantee of any kind.

One option—if other Snoreeze products work for you—is to use this in combination with them, so they’re more effective overall. You won’t spend as much every month, but you’ll snore much less.

Pros and Cons


  • No need to wear anything
  • Natural, chemical-free substance
  • Not invasive


  • Peppermint oil isn’t healthy for everyone
  • Doesn’t always last through the night


I would suggest this natural product to any snorer.

No, it doesn’t soothe all snoring, but even heavy snorers may find more relief using this with their MAD or TSD devices.

Most light snorers are bound to breathe easier, so I see it as a good investment for anyone.

My Rating: 1.0

Click Here to Access the Official Snoreeze Throat Spray Website

Which Product Should I Buy?

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