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It takes something really special to stand out in a crowd of such similar products.

This product is a mandibular advancement device, which means that it helps stop snoring by holding the jaw in a forward position.

When the bottom of the jaw is held forward the tongue is unable to relax and fall back towards the throat, thereby reducing the chance of the airway becoming blocked.

This allows for better airflow, and stops the vibration of relaxed throat muscles. This is a unique mouthpiece because it takes this one stop further by allowing for advancement micro-adjustments.

A Closer Look

diligenceMost MADs pull the jaw forward in one predetermined position, which may or may not be a position you can deal with. SnoreRX allows forward micro-adjustments by as much as 10mm.

This is nearly a half-inch, which can be a huge determining factor in whether you can find comfort wearing a product. Many people do not wear an MAD because their jaw just gets too sore. This feature could help.

The forward adjustment option is not the only future that helps achieve a custom fit though. SnoreRX utilizes boil-and-bite technology, which is commonly found on these devices.

You drop the mouthpiece into boiling water for 30 seconds. After you remove it, let it cool a bit, and then insert it into your mouth. Bite down firmly, remove it, and drop it in a bowl of ice water to harden. This technology allows you to have a device that is essentially customized for your mouth.

SnoreRX is made of a durable medical grade copolymer. This is a durable material appreciated for its long lifespan. This product claims to have a lifespan of 12 to 15 months, which is quite impressive compared to the 4-to-6-month lifespan of many similar products. This longer life could help change your view on the higher price.

“How It Works” video from of their official website:

Noteworthy Features

As mentioned, SnoreRX can be adjusted. This is a standout feature that sets the product apart from some of its competition. The manufacturer calls this Flex-Jaw, and it is designed to provide maximum comfort. Additional noteworthy features include:

  • Calibrator – The Calibrator allows you to clearly read the measurement of the jaw adjustment.
  • Posi-Lock – When you select a position setting it is locked in until you reset a new setting. This eliminates the risk of the setting changing while you sleep.
  • Advanced Design – SnoreRX does not use rubber bands, springs, screws, or torsion like many other products.
  • Teeth Cushion – Patented copolymer material cushions your teeth while you are sleeping.
  • Post-Flow – This advanced airflow system allows for full mouth breathing to ensure your lungs receive adequate oxygen.

Additional Positive Points of SnoreRX

Although the effectiveness is the main reason to choose a product, there are other considerations you may want to factor into your decision. Below are a few other positive points of this product:

  • Certified by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. AASM accreditation is considered the gold standard by which sleep medical services are evaluated.
  • SnoreRX is comfortable and easy-to-use.
  • This mouthpiece meets new Medicare standards.
  • Cleared by the FDA.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Superfast shipping, as all orders are delivered via FedEx within three to five days once shipped.
  • Backed by a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • For the number of advanced features, it is priced quite fairly.


All products will have their unique disadvantages; SnoreRX is no exception. These include:

  • Despite its adjustability, there can be a level of soreness to be expected as your mouth gets used to wearing one every night.
  • SnoreRX cannot be worn by denture wearers.
  • Like other mouthpieces, it can promote drooling when you first put it in your mouth.

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Let’s Talk Price

pricingSnoreRX is at a price point that some will feel is a bargain and others will feel it is a little expensive.

At first, the price may seem high, but when you actually factor in the thoughtful features it is easy to see this price is quite fair.

One SnoreRX sells for $99, and shipping is approximately $10, but keeps in mind that this is being shipped via FedEx, not snail mail. Plus, the manufacturer charges $2.28 for a Medical Device Excise Tax. So your total expenses are about $112.

You can also order two for $154 for a better deal. Of course, the shipping charges and tax still apply.

Here are a Few Reviews from Actual Customers

reviewsYou’ve read what I think of the SnoreRX based on my experience, but you may want to factor other reviews into decision. Below are a few comments from customers about this product. You will see that the product can be very effective for some, but it can be challenging to get used to wearing one.

“I was having difficulty getting a good night’s sleep. Others told me that I snore loudly even though I do not wake up. These two items prompted my search for an effective solution. First I tried nasal strips but the snoring continued and I did not feel rested so I looked into mouth appliances. I choose SnoreRx based on my review of their competitors. My order was shipped the next day ground and took 1 week to arrive (I am across the county from their shipping point). The day it arrived I followed the instructions precisely. Within 3 days I was sleeping comfortably with the device all night. After a week I wake feeling rested and no snoring. If you have any second thoughts about SnoreRx all I can tell you is its effective, comfortable and you can’t have mine. :)”George H.

“I followed the instructions to set it up. But tried to adjust it and still didn’t help. Too much saliva in mouth made it hard to swallow. Inside of mouth (roof, tongue) got sore. Tried one evening for over an hour and couldn’t get to sleep with it in. I tried doing 20, 30, 45, 60 mins with it in but it never felt comfortable enough for me to fall asleep with. I’m sure it’s worked for other folks; however, for me it did not. Thanks for asking.”  – Joel H.

“My wife tells me that my snoring has decreased considerably. Happy wife, happy life.”dmwindt

“No issues quick handling of order and fast shipping.”gponce101

“I can’t imagine a more customizable mouth piece than the SnoreRx. Its medical grade plastic makes it a very high quality piece. I stopped snoring since the first night I used it and it took me no time to get used to it. I feel more rested in the mornings and needless to say that my wife is happier too. I absolutely recommend it to anybody who’s in the market for a mouth piece to stop snoring, you won’t be disappointed. “Chuda99

Source: Reseller Ratings

Is SnoreRX Right for You?

SnoreRX is one of the few highest quality adjustable MADs that you can order online without going to the dentist for a prescription.

It is important to note that the product should not be confused with prescription MADs that are used in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

This anti-snoring oral device is well-designed with thoughtful features. You are able to get a custom fit using the boil-and-bite technology, and the Calibrator allows you to read your adjustments.

It is FDA-cleared, made of high-quality materials, certified by the AASM, and meets new Medicare standards.

After examining the product closely and comparing it to other similar devices, I recommend SnoreRX based on comfort, durability, and adjustability.

My Rating: 4.7

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Which Product Should I Buy?

questionEvery person has a unique mouth and different needs for their particular snoring, so one that is perfect for one person, may not be the best option for another.

With well over 100 products on the market it can obviously be quite daunting to decide, “Which one?”

To help ease the decision process I have created a comparison chart where you can effortlessly assess each product and its features, price, pros and cons. I have also written several detailed reviews for those devices that I believe to be leading products.

If you would rather not spend a lot of time reading reviews, please take a look at the article linked here: My Mouthpiece Recommendation. It’s a list of three products which I believe, based on my extensive experience, are the best options available to people who suffer from snoring.