SomnoGuard AP is a mandibular advancement device that helps you stop snoring by holding your jaw in a forward position. In doing this your airway widens and remains clear of obstructions while you sleep.

This eliminates the vibration of muscles and soft tissues that cause snoring. It also allows you to get quality sleep while making sure your lungs get the oxygen they need.

A Closer Look at SomnoGuard AP

This oral device is manufactured by Tomed Dr. Toussaint GmbH. Founded in 1997; this German medical enterprise focuses on designing products for sleep disorders, gynecology, and obstetrics.

Dr. Winfried Toussaint created SomnoGuard AP. He is a 20-year MD who developed this product to address his sleep apnea. This MAD has been used for 16 years in the United States by medical professionals.

Key Features

SomnoGuard AP has a two-piece design that distinguishes it from other MADs. It also has other key features that make it unique. These include:

  • Adjustability – SomnoGuard AP is designed to be infinitely adjustable. It allows for 10mm of adjustment, so it is a practical solution for those with an under bite or overbite. It features a stainless steel screw that allows you to make these micro adjustments.
  • Easy-to-clean – The two-piece design makes it easy-to-clean in every crevice to ensure it does not harbor bacteria.
  • Movement – This MAD allows you to move your mouth laterally, which helps increase comfort level.
  • Customized Fit – SomnoGuard AP uses a boil-and-bite technique to ensure you get a custom fit.
  • Breathing Holes – Unlike many mouthpieces that force you to breathe through your nose this one has air holes that let you breathe through your mouth. This can be helpful when you have a cold or your allergies are acting up.
  • Lifespan – This oral appliance is suggested to last at least 18 months, which is longer than most products on the market.
  • Safety – SomnoGuard AP was developed by an experienced doctor. It has been clinically tested and cleared by the FDA.
  • Discreet – When in place, this clear mouthpiece is significantly less noticeable than other oral appliances.
  • Practicality – This product can be remolded several times. Also, it is suitable to wear by individuals missing one or two teeth.

Fitting Your Mouthpiece

If you have worn an MAD before then you may be familiar with the boil-and-bite technique. However, the process is a little more complex with this product. There are multiple steps that need to be followed to achieve a proper fit with this mouthpiece.

  • Unwrap the upper tray and submerge it in hot water for three full minutes to soften the material.
  • After removing from the water, allow it to cool to a safe temperature, and then press the guard against your teeth. You do not actually bite down.
  • Remove and place the mouthpiece in cold water. This will speed up the hardening process.
  • Trim away any excess material.
  • Unwrap the lower tray and submerge three minutes in hot water.
  • Remove from the water and attach it to the upper piece.
  • Insert the full mouthpiece into your mouth, and apply pressure with your jaw.
  • Place in cool water to harden.
  • Remove from water, and trim away excess material.

Pricing and Availability

pricingYou can find websites that sell SomnoGuard AP for about $150, plus shipping, but if you check the fine print you will likely find that most of these sites do not ship to the USA. However, 1st Line Medical, Inc. does sell the product online to US residents for $256.95, including shipping and handling, but you must have a prescription from a dentist or from a sleep study for sleep apnea.

For this reason, most people who buy this mouthpiece get it right through their dentist since they have to make an appointment for a prescription anyway. Obviously, this also makes it less convenient than other options to obtain.

Here Are a Few Reviews from Actual Customers

reviewsConsidering this is an oral appliance with a higher price tag and one typically obtained through a dentist, or doctor it should come as no surprise that reviews are quite favorable for the most part.

However, there are those who find it uncomfortable. Some struggled to keep it in their mouth, and others had a hard time with the complex fitting process.

“I am very impressed with the SomnoGuard AP, any other devices I have used in the past have necessitated in several visits to the dentist for fittings and then a long wait for the bespoke devices to be ready for me. With the SomnoGuard there is none of this, it is very simple to use and fit. As soon as this product comes to the market, I would like to order one and a spare immediately. I am extremely satisfied with the simplicity of the device and would highly recommend it to anyone in my situation.”Russell Howell

“Practically I have been very happy with this device. I was skeptical that it would work, but it has worked very well. Two criticisms: 1. I bit too hard when molding it and my front teeth have bitten through to the bottom teeth. This has not affected performance but it is wearing out faster than I hoped. 2. The device is outrageously priced for what it is – a piece of thermoplastic.”Martin

“Very good item – after I adjusted as instructed I had no trouble to use it all night long. And my girlfriend is happy!! No more noises on my side of the bed ;-)”Thomas

 “This did almost totally stop my snoring, but I found it impossible to keep comfortably in my mouth. I have a small mouth and it was terribly uncomfortable so I couldn’t keep it in all night.”Lorrie Marchington

“I was amazed with the product, it actually worked, after years of loud snoring, I finally had a quiet night sleep, my partner was very happy. However, it only lasted 4 nights, the SomnoGuard wasn’t strong enough! I tried to re mould it as of the instruction but it totally went of shape, I since bought similar guard through my dentist and it’s been fantastic.”Khaled Tbaily

Sources: British Snoring


SomnoGuard AP does offer a lot of significant advantages. It is a reputable product designed by a seasoned MD, and manufactured through an established company. The air holes allow for easy breathing and the micro adjustability lets you achieve the most precise positioning for your mouth.

However, the fitting process is not as easy as with other MADs, and it is a little bulkier than some products. Also, it is not an easy mouthpiece to get your hands on. You absolutely must have a prescription to buy one in the United States. If you do not mind the high price and you do not have a problem going to a dentist or sleep specialist then I would recommend you give SomnoGuard AP a try.

If you are looking for an effective but more affordable solution that you can try right away without a doctor’s appointment, I would suggest Good Morning Sleep Solution.

Like SomnoGuard AP, it was also designed by a dentist and has been clinically proven to work. It is also FDA-cleared and highly comfortable. Read my review that tells of my positive experience with this product.

My Rating: 3.8

Click Here to Access the Official SomnoGuard AP Website

Which Product Should I Buy?

questionEvery person has a unique mouth and different needs for their particular snoring, so one that is perfect for one person, may not be the best option for another.

With well over 100 products on the market it can obviously be quite daunting to decide, “Which one?”

To help ease the decision process I have created a comparison chart where you can effortlessly assess each product and its features, price, pros and cons. I have also written several detailed reviews for those devices that I believe to be leading products.

If you would rather not spend a lot of time reading reviews, please take a look at the article linked here: My Mouthpiece Recommendation. It’s a list of three products which I believe, based on my extensive experience, are the best options available to people who suffer from snoring.