The Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow is a pillow that looks like no other, and is designed to promote good spine health and correct sleeping alignment in any position.

It’s a great pillow, but can it help with snoring?

I test it to find out.

About the Company

Therapeutica have been manufacturing products to help with neck and back pain since 1995.

They don’t have too much specific company information on their website, but they list a Canadian address and sell their products through many reputable online resellers of medical devices.

The company claims that the sleeping pillow was developed by an ergonomic designer working closely with a qualified chiropractor to get the best results.

The design they came up with was unique, and able to be used by almost anyone to get good spine position during sleep.

The neck and head are supported, which allows the whole body to be well aligned and easing aches and pains.

A Closer Look at The Product 

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow

The Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow is made to support the head and neck, which aligns the spine.  A bad sleeping position can cause pain in the back, neck and shoulders, headaches, and poor sleep quality.

It can also cause snoring if the airways become blocked as a result of bad positioning.  By keeping your head and neck in the right position, you can encourage your airways to remain open which could help lessen your snoring.

This pillow is designed with several sleeping surfaces that are used depending on whether you sleep on your back or side.  The middle of the pillow is used for back sleepers, with a dent in the middle that cradles your head.

The wings on the sides are for people who sleep on their side, who simply need to rotate the pillow slightly.

The design makes it especially good for people like me who move around when they sleep, as they can choose the best position that is comfortable for them and knows that their neck and back is still straight and well aligned.

It is also good to know that the design increases airflow, helping you breathe when you’re asleep and in some cases reducing snoring.

The pillow is made from a specialty foam that is non-toxic, non-allergenic, recyclable and latex-free.  The pillow comes in 5 different sizes, and your size is selected based on your shoulder measurements to get a good fit.

You get a pillow case included – the three smallest sizes (child, petite and average) use a standard case, whereas the other two (large and x-large) need a king-sized pillowcase.

How it Works

How Therapeutica pillow worksFor back sleepers, the middle of the pillow is the place to lay your head, with a wedge extension providing upper back support and a center cavity that cradles your head and stops it from moving around.  The outside edge has a similar effect for side-sleepers.  All this combines to help with conditions that come from bad sleep position.

This pillow is designed to promote good neck and head position while sleeping, and not specifically as an anti-snoring product.  However, a large percentage of snorers find that their snoring is much worse when they sleep on their back.

This is because the back-sleeping position allows their mouth to fall open and the airways to become tight, which stops good airflow and creates the snoring sound.

The Therapeutica can help people who snore while sleeping on their back if the snoring is a result of bad sleep positioning.  The pillow does let sleepers hold their head in the right way and stops the chin from falling too far forward or backwards, which could cause snoring.

However, for the majority of snorers, this pillow won’t be enough on its own.

How Therapeutica pillow works

Price and Warranty

The Therapeutica costs around $94.92.  While that is a lot to pay for a pillow, it’s fairly inexpensive for a medical device to help correct back pain, so it depends on how much benefit you get from the device.

The product does come with a five-year warranty against the foam losing its shape or resilience.

However, there is no trial period on offer and pillows are non-returnable for any reason other than faulty materials.  So if you find it doesn’t work for you, you won’t be getting your money back.

My Experience

I read a lot of reviews before ordering, because I knew there wasn’t a money-back guarantee if I didn’t like the product.

While I wanted to test how it affected my snoring, I also often wake up with a stiff neck and back pain, so I thought it would be a good idea even if it just helped with the pain.

The pillow was easy to order online, I paid, and it arrived quickly.  I first noticed the strange shape, it really is different to any other pillow I’ve tried.

The pillow case came with the pillow, which was good because there’s no way a standard pillowcase would fit!

I looked online, but I couldn’t find a way to buy a second backup pillowcase, so you’d have to take a lot of care of the one you have.

I do snore more on my back, so I tried the pillow for back sleeping first.  The pillow is really firm, which is great if you like a lot of support but I did find it quite uncomfortable at first.

The neck support dug into my neck a bit, but I got used to it over a few nights, and it was worth it to wake up without pain.

I used my snoring app to test how much the pillow helped.  I did notice a slight reduction in snoring, but not nearly enough to call this an anti-snoring device.

In the end, I used a MAD as well as the pillow and woke up with little to no snoring and no neck or back pain, which was a great result.

Pros and Cons


  • Well designed
  • Unique materials and shape
  • Pillowcase included
  • High-quality materials with a five-year guarantee
  • Able to be used regardless of sleeping position
  • Great for neck, shoulder and back pain


  • Very firm foam
  • Not much snoring reduction
  • Can be uncomfortable
  • Can’t be washed – only lightly sponged
  • No replacement pillow cases.
  • No trial period


Whether or not the Therapeutica is a good investment depends on what you want it for.

If you just want a pillow, it’s a very expensive option and not the most comfortable.

If you are looking for an anti-snoring device, this is unlikely to reduce your snoring enough to make it worthwhile if you use it on its own.

If you have back and neck pain, and you snore when you sleep on your back, this pillow can help you to have a good night’s sleep and wake up pain-free.

You could also use the pillow with another anti-snoring device to get the best effect.

As a unique pillow that can help you sleep in the correct alignment, the Therapeutica is a great option.

As an anti-snoring device, I highly suggest you look elsewhere.

My Rating: 3.9

Click Here to Access the Official Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow Website

Which Product Should I Buy?

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