You might have come across the Therasnore while researching different types of MADs (Mandibular Advancement Device) to try.

The Therasnore is marketed as one of the most popular mouthpieces in the world and the company is not afraid to boast this claim on their website.

The company states the mouthpiece has a 93% rate of effectiveness, which is higher than any other one on the market.

There are two different versions of the device, the original Therasnore and the adjustable Therasnore.

I was surprised, however, to read this claim as the original version is only customizable via the boil and bite method; however, the adjustable version is further customizable.

With the adjustable Therasnore, not only do you boil and bite the product to mold it to your jaw, but you can also customize it even further with five settings of jaw extension.

In my experience, these mouthpieces with precision adjustment combine maximum comfort with maximum effectiveness.

The product is sold both in the United States and the United Kingdom.

This is where it gets a little confusing.  The original Therasnore in the US is only boil and bite, but the original Therasnore in the UK is adjustable.

Also, the original and the adjustable Therasnore in the US can only be fitted by a dentist, whereas in the UK you can order it online.

A closer look at the Therasnore

The original Therasnore requires the typical boil and bite procedure to set up before using it for the night.

This creates a custom mold to the jaw and dental structure, which also creates a more comfortable and effective mouth guard.

A MAD, also known as a JAD (Jaw advancement device), works just as the name implies.

It extends the jaw forward during the night which allows the airway to remain open.

When the airway becomes blocked, such as when the tongue slips to the back of the throat and obstructs it, this causes vibrations, which then lead to snoring.  80% or more of the population snore due to this, myself being one of them.

The adjustable option is more than just a boil and bite MAD, it also has five levels of customization to further extend the jaw.

Depending on how far you want your jaw to be extended, you can set the device from low to high.

Having this further option to customize is a great way for snorers to have more control over where they want the jaw to be held during the night.

I find devices that have this extra precision are more comfortable and more effective.

My Experience

I had to make a dentist appointment to get fitted for the original Therasnore.  Definitely not as convenient as being able to order a mouth guard online.

After I was fitted at the dentist’s office and the order was made, I was ready to test it at home.

As I wore the device, it felt fine inside my mouth.  There was no irritation or intrusive feeling.  Since I was wearing the original version, there were no extra adjustments that were needed to be made.

There were no rough edges, and it felt soft against my teeth and gums.  It felt secure on my teeth and the mold worked well.

The first morning I woke up I felt good, which means I did not snore the previous night.

My wife, who sleeps later than I do, told me she did not hear any snoring from my side of the bed which means she verified the product had worked.

My jaw did feel sore, but this normally goes away after a certain period of time wearing a MAD device.  The way it grips the teeth throughout the entire night can cause soreness.

I continued my trial, and while the product was effective, I felt it was good, but not a great mouthpiece.

I continued to test it for the full two weeks, but not having that extra customization of being able to adjust it made it not as effective or comfortable as those others which I tested that did.

It also did not have an air hole, which was noticeably missing when I had allergies for a few nights during the testing.

I simply could not wear it on these nights.  The soreness also never fully disappeared even though I wore it many consecutive nights in a row.

Pros and Cons

  • Simple MAD mouthpiece, as basic as you can get for a mandibular advancement device.
  • Very long lifespan, listed as up to two years long.
  • 90-day money back guarantee if you want to return it for any reason whatsoever.
  • Original Therasnore is marketed as being designed especially for grinders.
  • Cleared by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which means it has to pass certain regulations.
  • It was easy to clean since there is no air hole or settings, it does not require any cleaning inside small holes.
  • Not easy at all to acquire for US based customers.  Even for the more basic original device I had to visit a dentist.  For the adjustable option it takes multiple visits.
  • Snorers who have implants, bridges, caps, crowns or dentures cannot wear the device.  It molds itself onto the jaw by gripping onto the teeth which can compromise any work done to the dental area.
  • Did not have any air holes, which is a negative for me on some nights.  I need to breathe through my mouth sometimes due to allergies, and not having an air hole makes this impossible.
  • Not BPA (Bisphenol A) or latex free.  These are harmful chemicals used to make plastic which should not be in contact with the skin for extended periods of time.
  • I felt jaw soreness for an extended amount of time wearing the product.

Some reviews from actual customers

After finding reviews of the mouth guard online, there is a mix of positive and negative ones.

Users did not like the soreness of their jaw, no air hole, and no customization.  Nothing really stood out.

“I have used the Therasnore for the past 3 years after testing other types of snoring aids.  This one works and it stopped my snoring so I sleep better now too.  I had to try a few different fittings to get the jaw extension right, but now it’s OK to wear at night.  It’s not the most comfortable, but you get used to it.  I also get dry lips often because my mouth is wide open, and I do drool often as well.” -Terry Glet

“This only lasted me 8 months, not the advertised 2 years.  I do grind though, but still not what I thought it would be.” -Jon M

“I have tried more than my fair share of mouthpieces, this isn’t the worst one, but it’s certainly not the best.  It has not had a great effect on my snoring, I thought not a big problem I can just return it like the guarantee states.  The problem is the company is impossible to contact.  I have sent email after email and cannot get in touch with anyone!” -Frank Oyan

What is the price?

The appliance is a little expensive, the price is £59.95, which is about $75.00.

The lifespan makes up for the cost a bit, since it states it can last up to two years, which is longer than a lot of other devices.

It also comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

About the company

The company that sells the Therasnore is based in the United States and goes by the name of Distar.

The original Therasnore has been on the market for over 20 years, which is why it claims to be the best-selling anti-snoring device in the world, that is a long time to be selling this product.

It was founded in the 1980s by a husband and wife that teamed up with a dentist, Dr. Thomas E. Meade who began researching sleep apnea and snoring.

They are sold in the US and the UK via different distributors.

Final Thoughts

The original Therasnore was a good, but not a great mouthpiece.

It did not really stand out in any way to me.

It is a very basic MAD device, that I would have a hard time strongly recommending.  American customers especially must jump through a few hoops to get the product, making multiple dentist appointments.

It is quite expensive, although the lifespan is 2 years long.  The absence of an air hole is another negative point for the product.

I would rather recommend the Vitasleep.

There is no need for a dentist appointment, and it comes with a one year guarantee.

The Vitasleep combines both precision adjustments with the boil and bite method, which gave me the most comfort and effectiveness possible in a MAD.

The price is also lower, and considerably lower if you buy two at a time.  I would encourage snorers to purchase the Vitasleep over the original Therasnore.

My Rating: 3.4

Click Here to Access the Official Therasnore Website

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