About The Company

The Zeeq Smart Pillow began as a KickStarter-funded idea that earned over $400,000 of its original $50,000 goal, from over 2,000 backers.

It was later picked up by a company called REM-Fit, and is now manufactured and sold in partnership with the REM-Fit brand.

REM-Fit was launched in the United States in 2014.  REM-Fit belongs to the broader company Protect-A-Bed, which has over 35 years of experience with sleep products.  REM-Fit specializes in lifestyle bedding and gadgets; including mattresses, fitness trackers, yoga kits, and sheets.

They have products available in-store around the world, and this anti-snoring smart pillow is also available from Amazon or directly from the manufacturer’s website.

A Closer Look

The Zeeq Smart Pillow has a range of utilities, and the anti-snoring technology is as unique and thoughtful as the other functions.  The pillow combines sleep analysis with near-silent vibration to reduce snoring throughout the night and help achieve restful sleep.

The pillow is comfortable and includes a wide range of technology to help with general sleep concerns.  The device is stuffed quite firmly with pieces of memory foam, but is easily customizable – simply open the pillow and remove the foam pieces until the pillow is at the desired level of firmness.

Zeeq smart pillow features

It has a foam outer shell around the memory foam pieces and in-built technology.  The pillow also comes with a removable, washable cover made from a specialized material called “Tencel”, an all-natural fabric designed to be cool and comfortable.

Inside the pillow, the anti-snore technology is utilizing multiple functions to detect and react to snoring.  A microphone in the pillow listens for snoring sounds, and can detect the intensity of your snoring.  The pillow also contains a gyroscope that keeps track of your movements during sleep.

How Does It Work?

The pillow contains an inbuilt sensor to detect snoring noises.  When it hears snoring noises the pillow gently vibrates, causing the sleeper to adjust their head position or sleeping position, which should reduce the snoring.

This sensor is active throughout the night.  The anti-snoring technology can be customized using the app, and the data is available for viewing and analysis once the app and pillow have been synced via Bluetooth.

How Is It Different?

The Zeeq Smart Pillow has anti-snoring functions, but it is not intended solely as an anti-snoring appliance.

This pillow has a wide range of functions that utilize unique technology to help achieve good sleep.

  • Silent alarm.  The smart pillow uses the silent vibration feature to set an alarm that won’t wake your partner, even if they are sleeping directly beside you.  Set the alarm using the app, and you will be woken by a customizable level of vibration that won’t disturb anyone else.
  • Smart alarm.  Instead of setting a solid wake-up time, the smart pillow can record your movements during sleep to calculate the best time to wake you up.  If woken at the right time during your sleep cycle, you should wake more easily and feel rested.
  • Analysis.  The pillow offers a sleep analysis feature, by syncing the data from the pillow to the app.  The app provides a “snore score” to let you know how restfully you slept.
  • Wireless music.  The pillow contains eight wireless speakers that are precisely placed around the pillow to deliver music only to the person with their head directly on the pillow.  Once again, that should mean that anyone sleeping near you is not disturbed.  The music plays through the pillow itself, and you can choose from downloaded tracks intended especially for sleep relaxation, or select music from a wide range of sources such as Spotify or iTunes.
  • Music Sleep Timer.  You might enjoy falling asleep to music, but most people don’t want songs playing all night.  A timer can be set to automatically turn the music off at a pre-requested time.
  • Battery life.  The battery for this smart pillow lasts up to two weeks before it needs recharging.
  • Hygienic fabric. The Tencel pillowcase is made from a natural fibre that is cool and comfortable.  Tencel fabric also acts as a natural bacteria inhibitor, providing a high level of hygiene.  The cover is removable and washable.
  • Remote control. The pillow comes with a remote control to easily set simple functions.
  • Fitness tracker.  The Zeeq Smart Pillow syncs with the REM-Fit Fitness and Activity tracker, which can help you to get a comprehensive picture of your overall health, fitness, and quality of sleep.

How to Use The Zeeq Smart Pillow

This pillow comes with a manual, so refer to the instructions when setting up your device at home.

To get started with your pillow, take the following steps: 

  • Customise the level of firmness you prefer by removing the memory foam from inside the pillow.
  • Plug the pillow in using the cable provided and leave it to charge. A white light is shown on the controller when the pillow has finished charging.
  • Download the Zeeq Smart Pillow app and register to use the apps’ functions.
  • Fill in your personal information to help the pillow calculate your personalized sleep data.
  • Adjust the settings including preferred level of vibration and alarm times. You can also sync your music with the device at this point, using your preferred music platform or the pre-installed relaxing sleep tracks.

My Experience

There was a wide range of payment options, and the pillow arrived very quickly after going through the simple ordering system.  The pillow’s first impression is of quality – the materials feel thick and expensive.

The second most noticeable feature is the weight of the pillow – packed with all that technology, it is surprising that it can be so heavy but also very soft and comfortable to the touch.

I found the manual tricky to follow, and I didn’t feel that all the necessary instructions were included.  After setting up the pillow, I left it to charge and downloaded the app to register while I waited.

The app has some negative reviews and I personally struggled with registration, but the online help was efficient and quickly responded with the answers I needed.

I adjusted the settings and connected the pillow via Bluetooth.  The highest vibration setting was too forceful, but the lowest setting didn’t always wake me up on time.

The music function was amazing, I couldn’t hear anything until I lowered my head directly onto the pillow, and I was able to listen to restful tracks as I slept.  The anti-snoring vibration did wake me, but I fell asleep quickly afterwards.

I tracked my snoring via another app on my wife’s phone to compare with the REM-Fit sensors, and the REM-Fit data was not as accurate.  The pillow reduced my snoring, but not enough to justify the price tag when purchasing as an anti-snoring device alone.

Price and Warranty

The Zeeq Smart Pillow retails for $199.00 on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon.

At the time of writing, the manufacturer was offering a free REM-Fit Fitness and Activity tracker, worth $49.  REM-Fit have a U.K. website that only delivers to Europe.

U.S. residents can order through the U.S. manufacturer’s website or Amazon, where it qualifies for free shipping.

Wherever this product is sold, there is no mention of a warranty or a money-back guarantee.

REM-Fit has an extremely generous 10-year warranties and extended trial periods on their mattresses; however, there doesn’t seem to be a similar offer made for the smart pillow.

If the lack of warranty or guarantee concerns you, it might pay to get directly in touch with the manufacturer.

Pros and Cons


  • The silent vibration used for alarms and anti-snoring function is a great way to sleep without disturbing your partner
  • The music function is unique and once again leaves other sleepers undisturbed without the need for uncomfortable headphones.
  • The long battery life means you don’t have to constantly recharge
  • Comfortable and adjustable
  • Syncs with a wide range of devices and platforms, including Google Fit, the REM-Fit Activity tracker, and multiple music platforms
  • High-quality construction, including comfortable use of materials
  • Good online support for the product


  • Not a specialized anti-snoring device
  • High price tag
  • Confusing manual
  • Many people report errors when trying to upload their data to their phone
  • Lack of trial period or warranty
  • No clinical trials


If you are looking for a smart pillow that is truly smart, this is the technology-rich device for you.  It is extremely well thought out, with functions that most people would be happy to use every day.

However, not everyone would be happy with the price tag.

The anti-snoring technology is interesting and at least mildly effective – if snoring is not a big problem for you and you like the technology offered with this pillow, or if you are prepared to use this pillow and also use other specialized anti-snoring devices, this device might be a good choice.

However, as a standalone anti-snoring appliance, there are much better choices available – and for a more achievable price.

My Rating: 3.5

Click Here to Access the Official Zeeq Website

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