The Ultimate Guide to Anti-Snoring Pillows (2018 version)

Guide to Snoring Pillows

So often we overlook a solution that’s right in front of us. I tried snoring remedies of all kinds before I finally discovered the power of anti-snoring pillows.

I knew all about how my airways influence my breathing at night, but since I felt comfortable on my usual pillows, I never imagined they could be the reason I’m struggling so much.

I’m thankful to the friend who introduced me to these pillows and since then—a few years back—I’ve seen amazing developments and improvements in them.

Imagine a pillow that measures and records your sleeping & snoring patterns.

It goes further because these anti-snoring smart pillows can actually adjust themselves to alleviate your snoring: A pillow that watches over you and ensures quality sleep. That idea is my motivation for trying new products as they enter the market.

I always searched for the least invasive snoring remedies, and while they do work, a pillow is a favorite new addition because it’s noninvasive.

Now I can share some of my findings with you; so, below you’ll find reviews on some of the best ones—traditional and smart pillows—around.

Your answer could be right in front of you. Don’t miss out.

My Pick
Smart Nora Anti-Snoring PillowI love Smart Nora because it’s such a universal anti snoring remedy. The pillow can be used by almost anyone since it’s safe in terms of the materials used and how it affects your body. A non-intrusive snoring remedy will always get my respect, and this one’s ‘Smart’ approach means technology works on your behalf. A ‘smart’ bed. I like that idea.

What Are Snoring Pillows?

How did inventors connect your pillow to your snoring?

It’s actually quite easy: Your snoring is brought about by breathing and your position at night plays a role in this too. And what determines how you sleep? Your pillow plays a huge role.

So, what happens if you change it? The question is whether a position change is enough to curb snoring.

Here’s what’s important: It’s not about finding the most comfortable pillow. Your goal is to guide your body to rest in more beneficial positions, so you don’t snore anymore.

Can a pillow do this?

Anti-Snoring Pillows for Back-Sleepers

Anti-Snoring Pillows for Back-SleepersThere’s not necessarily one remedy for snoring. Depending on the cause one of many factors can bring relief.

When you sleep on your back, and you snore chances are it’s because your airways get blocked & your tongue rolls back into your throat.

This positioning doesn’t allow much room for air to travel through, so noise is caused by air being pushed through tiny spaces and certain parts of your throat that vibrate as air rushes by.

An anti-snoring pillow for back sleepers will counter the problems in one of two ways:

  • Force you to roll onto your side which usually makes for easier breathing.
  • Elevate your head to an ideal height and position, so gravity and the positioning of your airways are more beneficial to breathing. With your head tilted at the right angle, your jaw won’t easily fall open and cause loud snoring.

These pillows—especially those focused on the latter goal—are often triangular in shape and quite firm to support a specific sleeping position.

Stop Snoring Pillows for Side-Sleepers

Stop Snoring Pillows for Side-SleepersAlternatively, you may love sleeping on your side, but you still experience snoring. In this case, it’s essential your pillow optimizes airflow inside your mouth.

An anti-snoring pillow for side-sleepers will be firm enough to keep your body in a specific position:

  • Your shoulders should align with your chin
  • Chin and shoulders shouldn’t press down on your chest; then you can breathe easily
  • The chin’s positioning helps to open up the airways

The pillow supports this position and makes it super comfortable, so you’re not tempted in your sleep to turn onto your back. The shape of the cushion almost invites this positioning, so you automatically roll into that position as you fall asleep. It also ensures you’re aligned correctly, so you don’t place too much strain on certain joints.

You can see that this can alleviate snoring but also counter stress on joints which makes for healthier living overall.

Even someone sleeping on his or her back can try these pillows. The unique design can force you to roll onto your side since you’ll always look for the most comfortable position when asleep.

Anti-Snore Pillows for Stomach-Sleepers

While you run the least risk of snoring when you sleep on your stomach, you can still cause some blockage of the airways. A pillow will help to rectify this, but a high-end brand will also ensure other challenges of stomach sleepers are tended to.

On your stomach, you can cause tension and pressure in your lower back & shoulders. This could even cause pain in your legs. Stomach sleepers even run a high risk of heartburn.

The right pillow will stop snoring but also alleviate some of this pressure, so you feel more refreshed each morning.

These pillows are often very thin, so you can push your arms underneath without pushing your head into an unnatural position which can close your airways.

Choosing The Right Size

The Right Size of PillowThe note above shows how important it is to not simply pick an impressive brand but to make sure the size and shape suit you as well.

It’s NOT a one size fits all.

Your ideal size relates to:

  • The size of the pillow (L x H)
  • The height of the pillow

The ideal dimensions are determined by how tall you are because this influences what you’ll feel comfortable sleeping on. Note that the appropriate dimensions will vary between pillows for back sleepers and side sleepers.

On average someone who is short (4’ 4”) will need a pillow of about 2.5” thick. Someone of 6’ tall will find more benefits from a pillow 3.5-5” thick.

Your pillow should also suit the bed you sleep on. A kid’s bed may leave too little room for comfortable sleeping if you purchase a pillow meant for a full-grown man. You don’t want your child to feel cramped at night.

Does this all seem a bit complicated? It’s a lot of information but worth the effort if you can find an ideal solution.

Do They Really Work?

I test the Sharper Image Advanced Anti-Snore Pillow and find out it is surprisingly comfortable and a viable anti-snoring solution.You can probably gauge that a prominent reason for snoring is your position while you sleep. Many snoring aids help realign certain parts of your head and jaw.

However, it can be even better if your entire body gets realigned. This can open airways and stop your tongue from falling back into your throat.

Since you won’t follow instructions while you sleep you need a different method to align your body. An anti-snore pillow can do that by gently forcing your body to respond to your head and neck positioning.

If you can find a snoring pillow that’s the right size, height, and shape to do this, you have a winner.

And here’s the bonus: Since they help with aligning joints and bones, it’s also the best pillow for neck pain. Fix two problems with one pillow.

It’s important to note that there are many factors associated with snoring. Pillows—as many other snoring remedies—can curb one problem as long as your body’s position is part of the problem.

I hope you’re excited; as you can see there are workable remedies that could help you—and your sleeping partner—enjoy some quality rest. This probability increases when you try smart pillows. Let’s have a look.

Smart Pillows

How Smart Pillows WorkThis could be your ideal snoring solution, but these pillows can be expensive. Let’s help you understand them so you can pick the perfect one from the start, so you don’t waste your budget.

Motion Shifters

You’ve seen above that it’s important that your head, neck, and airways are in the right positions to promote breathing & prevent blocking your throat. An additional cause is weak muscle tone in your throat.

With the motion shifters installed inside some anti snoring pillows, the pillows move while you sleep. This movement has a short and long-term impact:

  • Each night it helps to tighten muscles, so airways stay open
  • Over time your muscles are strengthened so the effects become automatic and you may not even need the pillow anymore.

Contoured Support

Pillows no longer come in square shapes only. You’ll find contoured options that are specifically shaped to benefit you in two areas:

  • The shape is based on research that ensures it provides the support you need in important areas such as the head, neck, and This could minimize that neck pain you’ve been struggling with.
  • The unique contours are the features that help make some pillows guide your sleeping position. The shape allows comfortable sleeping in a certain position that will ensure your airways are open and this of course limits snoring. This method is so effective that you can even combat sleep apnea this way.

This is yet more proof that anti snoring pillows don’t only limit the noise but benefits your entire body.


The smart features on your smart pillow will need power to function. For this purpose, these pillows have adapters that run from the pillow to a power supply.

An adapter is of course connected in a discreet and safe manner, so it doesn’t interfere with your comfort or cause safety concerns.

Removable Covers

If you’re investing in an expensive pillow, you want to use it for an extended period of time. This won’t happen if the exterior becomes grimy or smells unpleasant. Many high-end pillows will have removable covers—some even have two inside each other—to protect the pillow against:

  • Oil permeating from skin and hair
  • Odors in the room
  • Anything you could accidentally mess on the pillow.

When you can at least wash these covers the inside will keep most of its original smell. This prevents bad smells from disturbing your sleep.

Frequency Setter

Your smart pillow will go through cycles of gentle movement of the motion shifters. But if you’re a mild snorer, you won’t need as much assistance as a heavy snorer. So simply adjust these settings according to your snoring level.

If you’re a mild snorer, a low setting will cause the pillow to shift only a few times. Putting it on a high setting will help heavy snorers get the same level of quality sleep: When it senses you’re snoring the pillow will go through its motions up to 10 or 11 times.

This is not an automatic setting, so you adjust this manually by adjusting the levers you’ll find inside the pillow. Hopefully, in the future technology will be so advanced that even this will happen automatically.

At the moment it will require a few nights of testing to see which setting is enough to enhance your sleep quality and not too severe that it will wake you after a while.

The huge benefit is that all types of snorers can use the same pillow. You won’t waste money on purchasing different units until you find one that works.

How Smart Pillow Works

Zeeq smart pillow featuresBut how exactly do these smart pillows work?

Above I mentioned different components, and this is how they work together to curb snoring and provide comfort:

  • The pillow creates a comfortable design that usually works for all types of sleepers
  • The sensors built into the pillow or located on your headboard or bed stand will pick up the noise of your snoring as it occurs
  • This snoring noise triggers the motion shifters
  • The motions shifters will move (often also by inflating the pillow) through their cycle of adjusting your head’s position to enhance airflow before deflating and returning to their original positions
  • This motion will be repeated according to your frequency settings
  • The smart pillow will then go into rest mode until your snoring activates the motion shifters again.

As mentioned the pillow can also inflate to simulate this movement. These compact inflatable products can be used in conjunction with your current pillow, so you don’t have to purchase an entirely new pillow.

Even if these motions wake you up, it’s still better than going the whole night without quality rest. Your body goes into stress mode if it doesn’t acquire enough air.

The smart pillows help increase the amount of air you get during the night. The lowered stress levels will also make you feel more rested in the morning.

These pillows are speedily evolving. Currently, you can look for these additional features in some smart pillows:

  • Playing calming sounds or your favorite music during the night or to wake you in the morning.
  • Using lighting to simulate the sun rising; This can stop the production of Melatonin which is the sleep hormone. This process leads to gradual waking which is much healthier than waking with the loud sounds of your alarm.
  • Pillows can connect to Smartphones where data about your sleeping patterns can be stored. This can be used to determine where your sleep challenges are, so you can draw up an action plan.
  • Cooling technology for comfortable nights.
  • Connection to smart assistants such as Amazon Echo.
  • Control via remotes.

This is more than fixing your snoring problems. Smart pillows help you design a healthier lifestyle.

Is The Smart Pillow Applicable to Persons with Sleep Apnea?

Here’s one more health risk your smart pillow can help with. Treating sleep apnea is important not only because it interrupts your sleep but because it can affect your health.

During sleep apnea, your muscles in your airways relax to such an extent that they block the flow of air. Note that this isn’t simply your body struggling to push air through tiny spaces—which happens when you snore via your mouth or nose—but it’s actually preventing oxygen from reaching your brain.

Do you realize the impact that this can have on your health? Once again, the snoring pillow—if it works for your type of apnea—can improve your overall health instead of simply stopping you from snoring.

First of all, it’s important you understand that having sleep apnea is not the same as snoring. Although the symptoms sound similar what you’ll hear when listening to someone with hypopnea is actually a gasp for breath.

Can a smart pillow help? Most definitely.

As described above a smart pillow’s movements can train your muscles to act a certain way and make them strong. Now they won’t simply relax at night, so your airways won’t be blocked by them.

The result is you won’t be jolted awake several times a night. This happens when your brain realizes it’s not getting oxygen and it triggers muscles to start working again. Often this can wake you. This cycle lowers your sleep quality considerably not to mention affecting your health by blocking oxygen.

Luckily snore pillows—and some anti snoring mouth devices—can force the muscles and tongue to function better instead of blocking your airways. This makes it an investment in your overall health instead of simply a snoring remedy.

Note that this solution applies to the type of sleep apnea called hypopnea. A different type is caused by your brain not sending messages to your body to breathe. Though this type is rare, it’s important to note a pillow may not be good enough to solve the problem. A pillow can’t affect how your brain works so you’ll need professional help.

Do You Need a Prescription?

PrescriptionOf course, you don’t want to go to your doctor for all your health issues.

If you know what needs to be fixed, you can get a quick solution, right?

Smart pillows—even though they can help treat problems as serious as sleep apnea—can be acquired from retailers without prescription.

What’s The Return Policy?

Returning and Getting Money BackThese pillows can contain some amazing state of the art technology. While return policies are in place, you must ensure you didn’t use it outside its guidelines.

This could void the return policy. Since some pillows can store data on your Smartphone, this can be used to ensure your application of the pillow was correct.

Some brands don’t allow returns at all while some have limited warranties or even give you three months to test it out. If you’re unsure whether this remedy will work, look for one with an appropriate return policy.

Note that you’ll have to prove that it’s not working at all or show it’s defective. You can’t return it for getting below average results (perhaps because you’re using it incorrectly?).

Is There a Warranty?

WarrantyDespite the strict regulations mentioned above, there are some warranties available.

Note that each brand will have its own.

This could range from anything between seven days to one month or even a year.

Remember you’ll have to prove you used it correctly the entire time if you want your money back.

Can The Smart Pillow Become Your Snoring Solution?

I think we’ve proven above that the smart pillow approach is an extremely effective and safe option for snorers.

You need to ensure your type of snoring can be countered with these solutions.

Being informed will help minimize the frustration when you don’t experience improvement immediately.

Remember: Your smart pillow is supposed to help you breathe better and learn new sleeping habits. Learning takes time.

Therefore, it may take some time before you see the results.

Choosing The Best Pillow for Snoring on The Market

Best Anti-Snoring SolutionsNow you have to pick your favorite.

Remember, the price is not proof that one pillow is better than another.

Your unique solution could be as simple as using a flatter pillow or as intricate as a smart pillow.

Here’s what I found in researching them.


Smart Nora

Smart Nora Anti-Snoring PillowThis is our top recommended pillow because this brand really went all out to ensure both comfort and safety. And of course, this does actually curb snoring.

It’s a smart snoring pillow that uses technology to:

  • Identify that you’re snoring
  • Activate a pump that causes your pillow to rise
  • The gentle movement benefits airways but also stimulates throat muscles, so they no longer block your airways.

Smart Nora takes consumers’ concerns into consideration as the pump is stored beside or beneath your bed, so you don’t have to be concerned about components being near your head. There is no contact with the components either because the sensor is mounted above your bed.

How Does Smart Nora Work?

What Is Smart NoraYou’ll see this is a unit you can use with any standard pillow.

This means you can still enjoy the exterior and firmness of your current pillow, but you get the added benefit of it turning into a snoring solution.

This Nora smart snoring solution sensor can be so effective—after customizing and calibration—that it starts the motion even before you lapse into a loud snoring session.

This means your sleeping partner will never have to hear you snore again.

Be prepared for a few days of adjustment. You’ll need to figure out how sensitive the audio sensor should be.

Of course, it’s a high-priced item, but according to thousands of couples who completed Smart Nora reviews this actually works.

Purchases also include carry cases so you can take it wherever you go.

Zeeq Smart Pillow

An honest review of the Zeeq Smart Pillow, a detailed review of an advanced smart pillow that can help you stop snoring.This pillow you can see is comfortable simply by looking at the snug exterior. Inside you find all the modern technology you could imagine:

  • Music can be streamed wirelessly, so your pillow becomes your sound system.
  • The battery that drives it can work for up to two weeks, so this makes it a viable solution to take on holiday such as camping.
  • It will link with your Smartphone, so you can compile data about your sleeping. If you know what your sleep quality is like you can accurately plan to improve it.
  • You can set it to act as your alarm.
  • When it senses—via a microphone—that you’re snoring, vibrations will start. These are forceful enough to prompt you to change position but subtle enough, so you don’t wake up.

The comfort I mentioned comes from its firm inner that you can actually adjust the filling of. It’s unfortunate you can’t keep using your current favorite pillow, but you can customize this one to resemble it.

You can manage its settings via remote control, and all this tech is enough to make the Zeeq pillow cost worth every cent.

Zeeq pillow reviews also mention the fact that this pillow is made for the future smart homes as it can integrate with Amazon Alexa and other systems that will probably one day manage our homes on our behalf.

Luckily your sleep can already be managed to the benefit of you and your partner.

Nitetronic Goodnite Anti-Snoring Pillow

Would you—and of course your partner—enjoy nights with 67% less snoring than you currently do?

If that’s your goal, the Nitetronic Goodnite Anti-Snore Pillow may be what you’re after. Prepare to pay a bit more, but the features make it a worthwhile expense especially for couples.

Firstly, note that this works for any type of sleeper. Whether you lie on your back, side or stomach this unit can curb your snoring by adjusting your head’s position when it senses your snores.

You can imagine a sound driven system can accidentally let your pillow adjust when it’s actually your partner that’s snoring. Not with these pillows.

Two people on the same bed can use these, and the pillows’ adjustments will be customized to each person’s sleeping patterns because the sensors are that specific in their working.

Now both of you can monitor snoring levels with the Nitetronic app on your Smartphones.

When you imagine air being pumped into a pillow, you may expect noise, but this system is super silent.

This pillow is made of foam which can take time to get used to if you’re used to feather pillows. The adjustment period is definitely worth it.

Level Sleep Restore Snoring Pillow

Level Sleep Restore Anti-Snore PillowWhile it’s great to have options that work for all situations, occasionally it’s smart to invest in something that works for a specific scenario. That’s why a Level Sleep Restore pillow at $142 is a good investment.

This pillow is designed for side sleepers, so it’s smart to determine your usual sleeping position before making this purchase. However, if you want to try it out the brand’s return policy provides you with a full 110 days to see if it will work for you.

You can adjust this pillow’s height, so it can become comfortable for anyone. This makes it a practical solution you can order online, without testing it out first, whether you’re petite or of large build.

Note that this isn’t a smart pillow, but because of its texture, firmness, and form it aids users in many ways:

  • Increases air flow which can help with snoring
  • The adequate support minimizes neck pain
  • The unique form includes ear wells which allow side sleepers to have less pressure on certain facial areas; This actually prevents excessive wrinkling over time

This is a perfect example of a snoring pillow that aids in helping you have a healthy lifestyle in general.

Sharper Image Anti Snoring Pillow

Here’s another example of a traditional anti snoring pillow that can still impress as much as some of the smart models. This is thanks to the expertly designed pillow based on research of all aspects of sleep.

Firstly, you’ll have a more peaceful night’s sleep thanks to memory foam that promotes ventilation. When you don’t feel hot in bed, you may not feel the need to shift positions all the time. This movement often leads to positions that cause snoring.

Secondly, the pillow’s design counters snoring because it helps align the jaw, so airflow is maximized. But don’t think this firm support is uncomfortable. It still molds to the shape of your body, so you have a soft surface that feels snug instead of clinical.

Note that this is usually effective for moderate—not heavy—snorers. Because you need to get used to a new position and it may feel uncomfortable at first you may only see the effects after a month. Be patient and wait for the results. Also, note that it will only be returnable if unused or if defects occur within one year.

InteVision Foam Wedge Pillow

the InteVision Foam Wedge PillowAnother pillow that will benefit your health in many ways!

The InteVision foam wedge provides sufficient support and is especially effective when you naturally sleep on your side.

The improved airflow this supports can even counter symptoms of reflux but will definitely aid snoring too (some credit the wedge pillow for snoring 50% less than before).

Your comfort is provided for by the air channels that keep you ventilated and cool. The brand provides covers you can take off and wash to keep your wedge smelling fresh.

Best of all is that this is one of the cheapest options on this list at only $49.95.

AiSleep Direct Pillow

AiSleep Memory Foam PillowHow about adding some natural aids to your pillow? In the AiSleep pillow, your sleep benefits from increased blood flow thanks to two magnets embedded in the fabric.

Their positions place them in line with some acupoints and the tension between the magnets is known to affect blood flow.

It should be noted that this feature has great theory backing it but actually requires more research to determine its true efficacy.

In terms of snoring the pillow helps curb snoring with its unique design with a 40° angle. This is to open up your airways whether you love sleeping on your back or side. It’s even reported to prevent your arms from getting numb as many side sleepers often experience.

A few warnings: As with many pillows mentioned here, you’ll need an adjustment period. This is to get used to sleeping on this and to let your body adjust to new positions. The pain you feel in your back at first may simply be part of this transitioning so don’t assume your pillow won’t work in a week’s time.

It’s also a thin pillow so be prepared to adjust your preferences if you like those thick ones more.

So which pillow will you try first?

Or are you still considering other anti snoring devices?

Let’s summarize a few comparisons.

Smart Pillows vs. “Traditional” Pillows – Which is better?

Smart Pillows vs. “Traditional” PillowsI don’t know about you, but I move quite a bit during the night. This means a pillow may help me at the start of the evening but throughout the night its efficacy fluctuates if it can’t accommodate for my twisting and turning.

That’s why I say a smart pillow is the best investment you can make even if you already have some relief from snoring with your current traditional pillow.

This ability to make adjustments according to my needs means a smart pillow is consistently effective as opposed to only occasionally benefiting my quality of sleep.

Here are some pros and cons to clarify.

Traditional Pillows


  • More affordable than smart pillows
  • Some brands accommodate all types of sleepers


  • Can’t force you to adjust sleeping positions

Smart Pillows


  • Counters snoring throughout the night
  • Apps gather data, so you can track sleeping and see if the pillow works
  • Gently guides you onto your side for better breathing


  • More expensive
  • Some adjustments can wake you during the night
  • Other noises than snoring may trigger the pillow to make adjustments

Comparing Pillows to Other Types of Anti-snoring Devices

Snoring Pillows vs. Mouthpieces

Snoring Pillows vs. MouthpiecesI would love to say pillows always work the best because it’s such an easy remedy.

However, if you’ve tried mouthpieces, you’ll know why they rate high on snorers’ lists of favorites.

Mouthpieces are invasive as it’s not the most comfortable snoring remedy, but they’re expertly designed and counter snoring in a very specific way.

Even on a snoring pillow your jaw and tongue may follow their usual habits & cause blockage of the airways. With a mouthpiece in place, this can’t happen.

For comfort, a pillow will always win, but mouthpieces are extremely effective. No wonder some brands are actually rated as medical devices in certain countries.

Pillows vs. Nasal devices

Nasal Devices vs. Snoring PillowsNasal devices are probably high on the popularity list as well. Nose cones or nasal strips are easy to use and can specifically counter snoring if the noise comes from the nose area.

While pillows can do the same (realign and open airways), a pillow is much easier and comfortable to use. This makes a pillow a more ideal remedy if you can find one that counters your specific problem.

Pillows vs. Chinstraps

Snoring Pillows vs. ChinstrapsPillows are underrated in their efficacy. Many ailments can be countered when a mattress and pillow help to realign joints, so they move back into their natural positions. Snoring is one of these problems.

While both these methods can accurately realign your jaw, back, neck and airways I would much rather use a pillow than having the pressure of a chin strap all through the night.

But remember a pillow won’t always work. There are exceptions as the intense pressure of a strap may be necessary for certain individuals with adverse jaw problems.

Pillows vs. Sprays

Snoring Pillows vs. SpraysI will always pick a noninvasive, non-medical option over the alternative. How do you know what your reaction to the substances in sprays will be?

Yes, anti-snoring sprays can provide immense relief in changing congestions, swelling and preventing muscles from relaxing & blocking passages. But they’re not 100% effective, and they may stop working halfway during the night.

I believe they’re more practical in conjunction with other remedies and then only if they don’t cause side effects. Snore pillows don’t require medicinal substances, so they’re safe for anyone to use.

Read more:

My Personal Experience of Zz Snore – Spray or Not To Spray?

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I hope you’re persuaded to give anti snoring pillows a chance. The noninvasive approach is truly refreshing, and at the very least they can enhance other snoring remedies’ effects. And who can say no to the Smart Nora’s exceptional high-tech features that will manage snoring, so your partner doesn’t have to anymore?

However, I still find mouthpieces as the most effective snoring device on the market. My pillow means I can occasionally take a break from it. But if I know I need high-quality sleep I pop in my mouthpiece and feel ultra-refreshed when morning comes.

Will you add a pillow to your range of anti-snoring devices? I don’t regret my purchase for a second.

Which Product Should I Choose?

questionEvery person has a unique mouth and needs, so one that is perfect for one person may not be the best option for another.

There are well over 100 products on the market, so making a decision can be quite daunting.

You will find a lot of helpful information in the comparison chart, and I have written reviews of several products.

If you would rather not spend a lot of time reading reviews, please consult my article titled “My Mouthpiece Recommendation”. I have compiled a list of three products that I believe are the best options, based on my experience.